Friday, June 6, 2014

nashville 2014 - the trip here

with as much as i travel, you would think i have everything down pat.
and you would be right when it comes to packing - i have a system, and very rarely do i forget anything important.
but when it comes to the actual trips... i usually get turned around at some point because i go off on some sort of adventure off the beaten path.  normally it's for things like, "ooh, look, a monument!  i want to see that!"  and then said monument is so far off the exit that i begin to despair of ever actually finding it!  sometimes i give up & turn back around to the interstate before i find it.

today i was following the directions & didn't intentionally go off script until i had a small, embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.  i'm pretty open to sharing things, ya know, but i think i'll just leave this one at that.  suffice it to say, i'm grateful to WM, but if anyone sees me on that stupid website, you'd better A) never EVER tell me and B) just know that i didn't walk in there like that on purpose.


so, after 1/2 an hour or so there (cuz, while i was there, i might as well pick up a few things) i got back on the road, only to have my gps take me ... i don't even know where!  i eventually got back on a road i recognized, but it took for-flipping-ever!  :(  i'd planned to arrive at the hotel by 7 at the latest & i didn't get here til after 9.  *sigh*  my goal w/ getting here by 7 was to avoid having to navigate the crazy parts of nashville traffic in the dark.  i hate that road in the dark!!!  the speed limit is 55, but of course everyone goes 80.  i don't mind going w/ the flow of traffic, except when i do there, i always miss my exit & end up someplace weird.  so, this time, i stayed in the right lane & just muddled my way along, not caring that ppl probably thought i was a snail!  LOL  

it always seems to rain at some point while i'm on that road, too, which is no fun when my windshield is covered in bug guts that want to smear... :|  eep!

BUT!  i made it safely here, and other than the detours, it was quite a nice drive.  :)  
once i got checked in & tried to log in - which i've never had a problem w/ here before! - i got some weird error.  so i went down to the front desk to ask about it, and ended up bringing my computer down for brittany to look at.  and she fixed it!  yay!  

i also needed to get change so i could grab something to eat, because by this time i was ready to just stay here & didn't want to go back out!!  *laugh*  she mentioned that i could get pizza to deliver (they deliver til 3AM!!) but i said i didn't want a whole pizza, but that would be cool if they could just deliver a slice!  LOL
so, there was a guy at the counter who had been talking to brittany when i came down, and he was like, "hey, i'm hungry.  i'll buy the pizza & give you a slice."  i was like, uhhh...okay!  :D  i'm not above accepting free pizza.  : )  well, first i said he probably didn't want to do that because i'm boring & just like sausage & he said that was fine.  so brittany called it in, i went back up to my room to get my computer, dude went to his room to make a gin & tonic & then we all hung out at the front desk for an hour or so!  

*laugh*  it was fun.  and after thanking him, and him mentioning there were "no strings attached" (which, since i'm not the ... kind of person guys think about in that way, it didn't even occur to me that there would be any "strings"!  which i told him.  *laugh*) and we headed back to our rooms, i realized - we never actually introduced ourselves.  LOLOL  that just struck me as funny.  i'm here for 3 days & he's living here while on a job, so i'm sure we'll run into each other again & i'll rectify that.  i mean, i should at least know the name of the guy who bought me dinner, right?!  i really was grateful for it, and if i hadn't been unfettered, i would have hugged him!  (altho, since guys don't think of me in the "strings" kind of way, i probably could have hugged him unfettered & it wouldn't have made a difference... and yes, i do run around the hotel unfettered.  i do not care.  except when i end up running into guys who are buying me pizza, at which point i briefly rethink my comfort level.  and then i go back to i do not care.) (much.)

SO!  anyway!  : )  i got to chat w/ bran on FB IM for a bit & i think i'll get to hang out w/ them tomorrow night after the signing.  YAY!!!  :D  

oh, the signing... i am having anxiety, no doubt about that.  i'm trying really hard not to focus on it.  but i'm also kinda fighting sleep, because once i go to sleep, the next step is waking up & then i will have to find the venue & find parking & ... 
my plan right now is to go super early & then wander around the museum or walk around after the signing until the concert.  my other option would be to go at like 3 but i don't really want to give myself time to freak out any more than i am, so earlier would probably be better. ... *prays*  

i know there was another story i was going to tell about the trip out here... oh, i chatted w/ some bikers at one of the rest areas.  and a lady complimented chloe's color!  :D  

and at another rest area, i got a phone call from someone who needed to vent, but they really shouldn't have vented to me because, altho i love them, they were venting about someone else i love.  and i don't want to be in the middle!!!  :(  *sigh*  but, i just pray that my listening helped a little, i guess.  the whole situation is such a crapstorm.  meh.

but, God is good ALL THE TIME, even when crap happens.  
still, if there could be only good things for the rest of the trip, i would be much appreciative... 


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