Tuesday, June 10, 2014

nashville 2014 - the return home

so, my plan was to finish Rock Chick Rescue, get packed up & get to the Parthenon before i headed out of nashville.

i finished RCR, got packed up (after a beautifully relaxing shower), and headed out.  but it was rainy & i was an hour later than i'd planned, and altho i LOVE the Parthenon, i wanted to get home before dark for once!  

the drive home was fairly normal.
- cute, tattooed boy at gas station.  check!
- cute, tattooed boys at rest area.  check check!
- cute, possibly tattooed boy hanging out of a passing truck window after honking, giving me a thumbs up.  check?
yeah, that happened.  i am still trying to figure out what that was about!
but whatever, it was funny!  :D  

oh yes, and there were coffee drive thru runs to both panera & starbucks... LOL 

there was good music.
i sang along & car danced.

there was construction.
that was a little irritating.
but there was this cool trucker who was blocking ppl from zooming around the line of cars at one point.  i know if you're the person behind that truck, it's annoying, but the speed limit is 55 or 45 to help protect those men & women who are working, and unfortunately, when ppl speed through the "open" lane just to get to the end & expect ppl to let them merge... well, they tick me off.  it's different if both lanes are being engaged at the same time - then the ppl who don't let in the cars are jerks.  every other car, ppl!  

MOOOOVING on... ; ) 

there were okay snacks.
oh, except a really stellar stick of colby jack cheese.

i rolled into the QC around 8, i think.  i stopped at mom's before going home.

: ) 

oh, and i stopped at steak & shake for a bacon cheeseburger & some cottage cheese cuz i hadn't eaten dinner & was HUNGRY1  heh.  

and i got my mail on the way to the house - beautiful gifties awaited me:

i won a couple contests on FB recently - signed Freefall & swag from Tess Oliver & a signed copy of Therapy.  yay!  and the books that UPS couldn't deliver on saturday because of the rain were waiting in the package box as well.  woot!!  :D  

sadly, when i walked into my house, my good mood took a nose dive.  
my house smells like cat pee.  :(  
G R O S S!

i think there might be something really wrong w/ Angel.  :(  she pooped & peed all over the dang place.  phil was over to feed & water & clean her litter, and he said he was here at 3 & it didn't smell.  so... i've no idea, but it's gross.  i ended up tossing the sheet that was on the guest bed, it was so bad.  and i've been febreezing the shit out of the house as i clean what i find, but i can still smell it.  UGH!  i cleaned angel, as well, but i know i didn't get it all... 
and now i am up (it's 3AM) & i've been reading, but my main focus has been laundry.  i have two comforters to wash...

so, tomorrow phil is going to help me take angel to the vet.  i don't have a cat carrier & i know i can't take her by myself.  i'm worried that there's something really wrong that i won't be able to afford to fix.  i mean, i know she's 11, but other than this peeing/pooping in inappropriate places, she seems fine... and she's going in her litter, too, so idk why she's going ELSEWHERE.  
it makes NO sense to me!  :(  

*sigh* again.

so, there you have it.  my suck & sweet for my return home.
i hope y'all are having a good start to YOUR weeks!!  


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