Sunday, June 8, 2014

nashville 2014 - COUSIN TIME!

and a happy dance!  and a happy dance!
while the author event was exciting, it was also a source of anxiety.  it was worth it!  
but equally as awesome about this trip... 

i have a new cousin, and her name is olivia, and she is adorbs, and she is a month old which means she was mostly sleeping when i saw her, BUT on the car ride back to the hotel today she was up & looking at me & listening to me & i LOVE when babies listen.  i love that my voice can do that.  i know i'm super sensitive to tonal quality & so i try to keep my voice as normal as possible when talking, or using "story voice" when talking to babies.  they seem to react well to it.  : )  

so!  last night after william dropped me off, i texted brandee & she, boo & olivia came to pick me up.  we had a DELISH dinner at chuey's (spelling?).  it's texmex, which means CHIPS and DIP and y'all know how much i love my chips & dip.  *grin*  they have jalepeno ranch dip, too, which brandee was 100% correct in saying is amazing.  YUM!  actually, i could go for more of that... and they have a pick up area... hmmm.  (no, i will likely order pasta or something delivered, or run out quick to mcdonald's.  i'm not terribly hungry, but i know i need to eat before it gets too late & i don't want junk food.)

anyway, it was awesome to hang out w/ boo & bran & chat.  olivia is such a sweet baby & watching the girls w/ her was just... swoony, really.  to see how much boo loves her daughter & how much bran loves her niece.  *swoon*  i would have pictures, but, as mentioned in the NAE post, my phone was DEAD!  *sniffle*  i thought i'd charged it enough to get a couple pictures, but no such luck.  they posed really cute, too, before that discovery!!  *laugh*

other mentions about last night - CUTE valet guy at the restaurant.  AWESOME lightning happening in the sky, but thankfully no deluging rain until i got back to the hotel.  the parking lot was packed, but we prayed for a space & on the next pass around, a super-close space opened right up!  God is GOOOD!  : )  AND there was only a 15 minute wait, even w/ the packed lot.  *happy dance*  oh, AND AND they played pharrell's "happy" soon after we sat in our corner booth.  *bounce*  happy times!!  

then, today.  today i discovered a starbucks w/ drive thru right around the corner (practically) from the hotel & i had a headache from my lack of caffeine yesterday, so i was up & at the bux by 7.  heh.  i vegged out here for most of the day, reading Rock Chick Rescue & one-clicking some new books on the amazon (they were free or 99cents... mostly... )!  : )  

bran texted a little before 4 to see if i wanted to hang out w/ them a bit & i said YES!  so they picked me up (nate was driving this time & i didn't know his car.  LOL).  cousin hugs!!  hugs are the bestest!  
we met blake at the mall & just walked around for a bit.  boo & bran needed pants from forever 21 & blake needed a phone from sprint & i needed more coffee... LOL  

it was a short visit, but it was FUN and there were HUGS and baby time & i just love these guys so much.  AND bran & i discovered that we like a lot of the same things/have the same pallet.  that was a pretty cool discovery for me cuz - and this might be weird, sorry if it's weird - even tho they're younger than me, i really admire my B's (and nate) a lot.  i kinda look up to them sometimes, and even tho we don't get to hang out a lot, it's just so NICE being w/ them.  

so, yeah.  
: ) 

oh, and then blake's phone thing took so long that the mall was all closed when we were leaving & we missed the elevator, so we had to get a little... creative... to get back to the car... 

the hill wasn't TOO steep!  ; )  

all in all, it was a very fun day, relaxing & nice & full of love of many things!  : )  

and now, tomorrow... back on the road!
please pray for safe travels (and no rain) and that angel isn't too terribly pissed off at me when i get home... 

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