Saturday, June 21, 2014


first of all, i am supposed to be enjoying miss mamie's crab cakes right now and visiting w/ my friend, michelle.  however, the skies decided to open up & provide quite the gully washer, and i wasn't comfortable driving across town & across the bridge w/ it raining this hard.  and i really, REALLY didn't want to drive back across the bridge & across town in the dark if the storm didn't let up before leaving dinner to come home.  SO!  i'll reschedule.  i miss michelle!!  : )  

i've been home from nashville for a bit & i still miss it!  what IS it about that town??  it's just so... i think i love nashville more than chicago.  not just the city, but the whole surrounding areas.  it's just... idk.  i just love it!  

i also loved having two days to rest up, because i knew getting back to work was going to be C R A Z Y.
i was not wrong.

i don't want to write a lot about it, because things happen & ppl make mistakes & _I_ make mistakes so i totally get it.  i'm not mad, just disappointed.  *laugh*  anyway, i finally feel like maybe i'm catching up a little.  that's right - i was gone from work for a total of 4 work days, and it's taken nearly 7 to feel like i MIGHT be catching up.  *groan*  *laugh*  still, TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!  :D  

anyway, last weekend i got to hang out w/ leyton & mom for a bit, so that was fun!  : )  

 why hello there, aunt carrie!  

 yes, i am 7 and my feet are the same size as yours, aunt carrie! 


 LOL  : )  

 he set it all up for us to pay yahtzee!  : )  

 hey may have also got gramma in the funny bone...

 this ball was cool.  you guide it w/ your hand and ... air?
it's like levitation magic.  LOL 
or science.  whatever.  

phil's 6'4 or 5" i can't remember
leyton's TALL!  *grin*

and this week, i got to SEE mr c three times and ACTUALLY TALK TO HIM twice.  seriously, i sometimes go a month w/o seeing anything more than his car or an occasional glimpse as he goes to lunch or gets back when i'm reading in my car.  *laugh*  so, to see him and actually have two conversations in person two days in a row... yeah, it's worth a paragraph.  LOL  

anyway, i also WON some books!  *bounce*  i got swag in the mail from Kylie Scott, i won a release party prize pack from Cambria Hebert, and i won a signed paperback of Sweet Temptation by KC Lynn (check it out, i LOVED this story!!)!!!  *bounceclapbeam*

just the Lick stuff - other stuff is on its way to me.  
: ) 

love love love!  

btw, angel is still having issues, but she's using the loo properly now, and she's not in any pain or anything.  i think she just needs to lose some weight so she can properly clean herself...?  idk.  i've had to stop letting her sleep w/ me, tho, because even when i wash her, she then pees in the night & then my bed smells like pee, and seriously, that is GROSS & i just can't do it.  i can't wash my blankets every day, that's a lot of water!  so, i cuddle w/ her a bit & then i have to shut my door & then listen to her scratch at it & talk to me through it.  i talk back to her, telling her it's okay & i love her.  i know, i know.  but short of shaving her butt... 

anyway!  poor kitty, but i love her!  

i think that's it for me for now.  next book is Chelle Bliss's Throttle Me.  i've been sharing a lot of books w/ sarah lately - she loves Fighting Temptation by KC & i just sent her Sweet Temptation after i finished, so we'll see what she thinks.  *grin*  i love being able to share & love these books w/ a friend!  but also - dang, she reads fast!  LOL  and i don't have THAT many kindle books!  then a break from that genre to read Night's Master by amanda ashley, and then maybe Hook Me ... or Ten Tiny Breaths - not sure yet!

this weekend, i was just ready for a rest!  i did meet mom & the boys for lunch at margaritas (yum!) & while there anthony mentioned he had a ticket for rock the district, but jake (his best friend) had to work & so wasn't going to be able to go & he didn't want to go by himself.  i said i couldn't afford a ticket or i'd go.  mom generously offered to buy my ticket.  so!  it looked like i was going to see three years hollow & chevelle!  woot!  

but then anthony called later & said jake got off work early & he still wanted to go to the concert & could we pick him up?  i said sure, and - since it's an outdoor concert & as much as i wanted to see both groups & as much as i LOVE live music... i didn't want to stand out in the heat w/ a huge group of ppl for 5 hours.  so, since jake was now available, i just picked him up & dropped the boys off in the district & let them hang out.  i came back home to read.  : )  waiting for the text to go pick them up... : )  

next week is another busy one, and i need to relax before it.  LOL  it'll be fun, too, tho.  :D


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