Wednesday, May 21, 2014


i swear, ppl knew i was leaving for the week today.  my email exploded with timecard & vacation & photo stuff.  i had 4 meetings scheduled.  they JUST squared away my back up for vacations an hour before the end of my day, and the person they wanted to train her doesn't even fully get the process.  :|  she came over & was like, "okay, quick recap."  she & the other gal are awesome, but management really should have cleared this crap up earlier so i could make sure everyone was properly trained.  just a little frustrating, ya know?  

anyway, all the meetings went well (cute boys were involved in two of them!  LOL) & i was able to help some peeps w/ their stuff & i remembered to set my out of office, so it's all good.  heh.  

and now, i have FIVE DAYS OFF!  two days of vacation, two days of weekend, one holiday... and when i get back it's going to be insane again (more meetings scheduled for tuesday...eep!), but i am so ready for some R&R, man!  this is my time to decompress & read a bunch of books & veg out.  my next vacation in a couple weeks, going to nashville, is going to be a blast, but it's also going to be stressy.  which is why i'm taking off 1/2 the week when i get back into town, for recovery days!  *laugh*  

i'm a little worried about angel.  she'll be 11 in august, and she's started doing some odd things & being more vocal.  but she doesn't appear to be in pain anywhere, and she's not violent (nipping/biting) at all.  idk.  :(  i hope she's okay.

i'm also a little worried about the family.  there's even more tension w/ the whole grammy situation, certain things have been devolving to the point i just want to smack all 4 sisters.  well, maybe not aunt carol.  i don't think she's been a part of the drama so much.  it's just so weird, because they all have very different personality types, except for mom & aunt janet who are eerily similar, so similar that it's what causes 3/4 of their conflicts!  oye.  sunday, grammy had an episode where they thought it was time, and all the sisters made it there, but then she rallied & i believe has been doing okay this week.  and it's so hard - she's 99 years old, for pete's sake, and i don't want - none of us want - her to be in pain or uncomfortable & right now she just IS and so... *sigh*  it's just sad and nutty but not in a good way.  

so, that's what's going on around here right now.  back on the happy notes - i have FIVE DAYS OFF!  :D  and books coming in the mail.  and a signed copy of TTT on its way.  :D  yay!  

oh, AND - yesterday phil locked his keys in the house & called me for a rescue.  he had to get leyton to his baseball game!  so i headed down there & leyton let me cuddle him for a minute before they tore outta there.  :)  yay again!  

i was drawn to receive an ARC of Until Nico, book 4 of Aurora Rose Reynolds's Mason Brothers series.  LOVED IT!  i think it releases on june 3rd, so then i can post a review on the usual sites.  but my love for it, i think i'm safe in sharing right now.  *laugh*  :)  

of course i can sleep in tomorrow, so it's not even 10 & i'm yawning & oh so tired!  probably because today was so crazy busy!  heh.  so, i'm gonna try to keep my eyes open & concentrate on another chapter or two & then hit the hay.  

what're y'all up to for memorial weekend?


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