Tuesday, May 27, 2014

hangin out w/ the cute boys

*laugh*  so, today was interesting.

first of all, i had 5 days off.  i took vacation on thursday & friday, then we had monday off for memorial day.  it was a glorious long weekend/vacation/holiday.  i hung out w/ my friend becks.  i hung out w/ mom & leyton (we went to IHOP & then went to sam's, where leyton devoured several samples of various foodstuffs.  it was a BLAST!).  i read 8 books.  (yes.  8!  LOVE IT!)  i took a nap when i wanted to.  i slept in (most days.  i was up at like 6:30 on saturday.  *laugh*)  

i knew today was going to be rough - i'd went into my work email over the weekend to delete things so that i wouldn't have to do it today, so i knew i was coming in to about 60 emails in one box of actual email i needed to DO something with.  i have two other boxes that i couldn't check.  (i didn't get to those today, either, but i did note that there are about 60 in them as well.)  i also knew i had an hour & a half meeting w/ the auditor scheduled, and my one on one w/ my manager, which is an hour.  so, i KNEW it would be busy.

i did not imagine it would be quite this busy, however!  *laugh*  i was able to get through a good 10 emails or so in the hours before mr auditor arrived.  then, as we dug into the audit, we discovered that part of what he needed to pull samples of had been archived, and he didn't have time to wait for the boxes to be delivered (he only had today to get the necessary things pulled).  so, we arranged a field trip to archives.  i called mr archives & asked him to pull the needed boxes, and then we headed out.  the audit meeting was only supposed to go til 10:30.  we left around 11 for archives.

now, i've been to archives before.  many years ago.  for some reason, i thought it was at one location, so we drove there.  when we got to reception, it was discovered that mr archives & all his boxes are at a different location.  two towns over.  *sigh*  so, back in the car we went.

we had some nice chatting time, tho!  mr auditor is from china, and i learned lots of different cultural things!  loved it!!  he was also very gracious about the fact that i completely messed up the location.  

(here's where i interject a side note of being proud of myself.  this is the kind of situation where a panic attack could rear its head, or i could get really really uncomfortable - i just messed up in front of not only an auditor, but a cute auditor!  but, altho i know i was bright red (defcon tomato, as i called it - and then had to explain!  LOL) i was also not panicky.  i had a mini attack when we got back & my email was once again all over the place, but during our field trip escapade, i held it together.  and that is something to praise the Lord about!!!)  : )  

so, we made it to the archive building & mr archive was also very gracious about my getting turned around & being late & causing him to have to go to lunch about 1/2 an hour later than normal.  and mr auditor was quite gentlemanly, offering me a tissue when i was ... erm... overly warm in the warehouse.  (seriously, idk how mr archive works in that place in the summer - it was sweltering in there & it's not even THAT hot out yet!!)  there again could be cause for panic or my being even MORE overly warm from embarrassment.  but such was the calming effect & friendliness & compassion of mr auditor, that i still held it together.  : )  

and, here's the kicker, i was having FUN!  : )  

so, along w/ all that, guess what today is?  mr crushtastic's birthday.  so i got to IM w/ him a bit through all the craziness, as well.  i even got to see him in the hall at one point & wish him a happy day in person.

so, all in all, it was a GOOD day, even through all the insanity.  

God is good, all the time!  

now, tomorrow, i'll have to wade through all the stuff i didn't get to today, but i DID manage to get through all of my email in the main box (timecard & vacation stuff & photos - well, saving them, not processing them!)!  counting blessings!  

tonight i was planning to go over to aunt sandy's for aunt vickie's birthday dinner, but unfortunately i'm not feeling so hot, and that on top of the exhaustion of the day means i'm just going to stay in.  

on the plus side of that, i'm reading Just One Song by Stacey Lynn & so far i'm absolutely in love with this book.  it's like Lick by Kylie Scott in that i could feel from the first chapter that it was going to be a favorite re-read.  i hope it lives up to that thought!!  :D   

what else?  i don't know, i think that's it for carrie's adventures today!  *laugh*  it really was a day i'm thankful for.  


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