Tuesday, April 15, 2014

might be spring, might not!

it's hard to tell, sometimes, what season it is!  in the past week, it's been really nice, spring weather; warm, summer weather (to the point that i had my air on for an afternoon); and then back to SNOW and frost on my windows!  yup, welcome to the midwest.  LOL

last weekend, i got to hang out w/ leyton on saturday.  love love!  we had mexican for lunch (well, i did - leyton had a cheeseburger at the restaurant!  LOL) & then as we were heading home, i decided to stop in & get some popcorn.


then we hung out at phil's/gramma's for a few hours.  leyton played some hockey & i read some Consumed.  (that & Too Consumed - VERY GOOD READS!! looking forward to the 3rd book.  not sure when it comes out... must find out!)

last week i got some books... this week i should have deliveries coming every couple days, i think.  idk, it's hard to keep track - i forgot that i'd put in an order & put in another order & then the 2nd order got broken up in to a few different orders because some of the books were already out & some were pre-orders & then i also have pre-orders hitting from other batches... *laugh*  yeah, i need to curtail my book spending for a bit!!  except that then i've been one-clicking the 99 cent kindle books, too!  

yes - it's a bit ironic that i now have gotten to actually LIKE reading on my phone/the computer.  i still prefer my PB's & the majority of my book purchasing is PB... but there are some stories that i'm okay having digitally rather than a hard copy, and also there have been a few boxed sets - who can resist several books for 99 cents?!  apparently the answer is "not i."  *laugh*

this weekend was nice - reading, duh.  and saturday i got to hang out w/ bret for a while before he moves on to his next adventure.  i picked him up & we had mexican for lunch & i actually ate my food & didn't have to worry about forgetting a box at the table.  (btw, that happened AGAIN at my lunch w/ leyton.  boxed up my leftovers & left them at the table.  yeesh!)

sunday i hung out w/ trish.  we went to steeplegate for brunch (eggs & bacon & shrimp & hash & YUMMY!) & picked up coffee drinks & then had a marathon session catching up w/ Once Upon A Time & Revenge before the new eps that night!  woot woot!!!  i love hanging out w/ trish, she is good ppl.  for dinner, we went to ganzo's (more mexican, i think i can eat it every day!) & ended up seeing her niece & nephew & a friend & then al joined us & it was like a party.  LOL  her niece's friend/bf & nephew both have some awesome tats, & some i kinda questions "why?!" - like the eyes tatted on the back of her bf's head.  if i ever happen across him again, i am going to want the story to those.  there HAS to be a story there, right?!

today was a pretty good day.  read Tattoo (another TIO by Cambria Hebert - love these - they are so quick & easy & SWEET!) & now am starting Alejandro's Sorceress by Alyssa Day (part of one of those 99 cent boxed sets...).  : )  

and there was the IM chat w/ mr crushtastic!  :D  he's just fun!  

the bad part of today - my poor chloe, she has been sounding like an airplane for a couple weeks & so i made an appointment for the car doc tomorrow.  gotta drop her off at the mechanic's & then marty's picking me up for work.  it's going to make for a long day - they don't open til 7 & marty doesn't go in til 7:30, so i'm going to be off an hour all day!  ah well, hopefully it just will be a 1-day fix & won't cost me a kidney!!  eep.  

what else?  idk, i think that's about it for today.  
what've y'all been up to the past month?

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