Saturday, March 29, 2014


sometimes i just get so ticked off about things!  good ppl, hard workers, losing their jobs because of petty, backbiting office BS.  asking someone to stop telling me about a situation that has been hashed & rehashed so many times i can't even explain, and having them stop talking to me for 2 days because apparently THAT IS THE ONLY THING THEY CAN TALK ABOUT.  having that same person start talking to me again after two days & NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  it doesn't surprise me, really - this is the same person who abruptly stopped talking to me at all for five years, only to randomly get back into my life a couple months ago seemingly for the sole purpose of talking about THIS situation OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.  i'm sorry that i'm no longer the same friend  you abandoned.  i don't take as much shit.  i'm 37 years old and i have my own issues that i try to deal w/ in a positive way.  i don't need your negativity or constant whining (yes, sorry, that's what it is at this point) about something you can't or won't change.  BUILD A FRICKIN BRIDGE!  *sigh*  i don't want to be harsh - i don't want to hurt her feelings, but you can't do that kind of thing & expect the friendship to be the same without some work.  or at least some effort.  there's been none of that - there has only been using me as a sounding board for the guy situation.  and my tolerance for that after two months is gone.  

oh, and pot not being legal.  

you know, stuff like that.  (i've never smoked pot, but have been around ppl who were.  none of those ppl were ever violent or even really inebriated, and they were much more well-behaved, actually, than anyone i've ever seen drunk.  and there are so many health benefits to smoking it, along with things hemp can be used for... i just can't help but wonder WHY it's still illegal, why the government hasn't legalized & taxed it.  considering, also, all the crazy-ass CHEMICAL drugs they approve year after year... *sigh*  yeah.)

but i don't stay ticked about things for very long.  i mean, there are too many awesome and wonderful things to focus on!  so many wonderful stories out there to read.  this weekend i've been reading Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley & OH MY HECK it's definitely amazing and wonderful!  : )  my next book-buying spree is going to be heavy on the KA books, i've decided.  : )  

i got to hang out w/ mom last night for dinner, and then hung at her house for a few minutes after.  phil & leyton made her a midnight delight cake for her birthday.  :)  YUMMY!  my brother can bake!!  today, i went to the ihop for breakfast for lunch with mom & leyton.  that boy... oh, i love that boy something fierce!  he sat next to me & was snuggly & fun!  

 tried to get a snap of leyton & gramma hugging.
this was the best picture of the bunch... 

 he kept darting away before the picture snapped!!  LOL

 i, however, know how to stay put for a pose, so he took this one of me & mom.  

looks like he's meditating, huh?

 seriously, look at his eyes!  :D  

 okay, serious egg face!  

favorite!  <3  

i also got to enjoy, finally, a chocolate cupcake from panera.  holy shoot, i think i'll be making that my monthly splurgey treat.  YUMMY!  have you had one?  highly recommend it!  : )  

so.  sometimes i get ticked off, but then i remember that blessings abound.  and i'm so very thankful!  : )  


next book is Tease by Cambria Hebert.  I've been avoiding this one & Tempt because the storylines looked the least appealing, but after reading and LOVING TO PIECES the other books in the Take It Off series, i'm giving them a shot.  it worked out super well w/ Motorcycle Man - i'm not into MC club books at all, but that one turned out to be one of my favorite books so far!  so much so that i'm adding the other books in the club series to my next batch ... :D  


not sure how this happened - i didn't post pictures of these books?  *boggle*  also, jen gave me turtle bracelets!!!  :D  i now have 7!  woot woot!  

later again - actually later this time... LOL  ; ) 

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