Saturday, March 22, 2014


holy crap, it's been like 10 days since i've written anything!  what the what?

reading lots of really great books.  : ) 

work has been going well, but the past week or so has been totally exhausting.  i moved to a new desk, and it's taking some getting used to.  even tho it's facing the same way as my other one, the drawers aren't set up the same.  this annoys me, because we have this whole freakish "standardization" thing going on, but they can't freaking put the desks the same way?  i don't get it.  also, there is now a huge ass printer to my left, so i have less desk space.  it's just annoying, but i'm getting used to it.  i'll also need to get used to wearing my jean shirt or other sweater-type thing even in summer, because i'm apparently right under a vent.  now, since i run warm, this is not a bad thing, but at the same time - when i'm chilly, you know it's cold!  *laugh*  i'd rather be cold & wear a sweater than be hot & sweating at my desk, tho, so it's all good!  

had been missing leyton really a lot, so it was a gift from the Lord that mom asked me to watch him tonight while she went to church & phil slept for work.  (third shift, poor guy needs his quality sleep!)  he did hang out w/ us for a while before he went to bed, tho, so that was nice.  and leyton was in a cuddly mood, which i always LOVE!  : )  when mom got home, we watched Frozen.  it was cute.  :)  i don't get some of the negative comments ppl'd made about it.  but my favorite parts were when leyton, who i think has only seen it once before & was playing a soccer game on phil's phone, would sing along w/ the songs.  SO CUTE!!  i asked him if he listened to the soundtrack a lot, and he got kinda defensive like he thought i was saying he was doing something wrong for singing.  he replied in an exasperated, defensive tone that he'd only seen the movie once and no he didn't listen to the soundtrack, he just liked the songs.  i made sure to let him know why i'd asked & that i thought it was really cool he was singing along, and when he said he'd only seen it once, i told him that was extra cool, because i couldn't sing along w/ songs i'd only heard once!  

oh, last night i met mom for dinner at red lobster.  she'd gotten a gift card for christmas from great uncle frank, and she chose to share!  : )  i ordered the stuffed tilapia, and there was lobster on top, but it was chewy & i wasn't that impressed.  there was this whole scene where mom asked a busboy what it was, and he didn't know so he grabbed a waiter & the waiter said kind of questioning, "it's lobster."  and i lost it, laughing so hard.  i buried my face in my arms & then looked up & said to him, "i am so sorry!"  he was very gracious, but i'm sure it gave him a good laugh later.  the reason this was so hilarious to me - so, mom & i had been talking about what it was earlier, and we thought it was lobster.  i said i wasn't sure, but whatever it was i'd eaten a piece of it & wasn't that impressed.  then, when she said she was going to ask our waiter, i said something along the lines of - don't do that, i don't want to know what it is!!  i was mostly joking, but then when she went to asking, i just wanted to see how far she'd go, and... it was just funny!!  maybe you had to be there to hear the tone of the waiter's voice when he answered...  ; ) 

the weather's been all crazy.  yesterday it was beautiful & today cold & windy.  SPRING, HURRY UP!  *laugh*  am praying i don't get another awful sinus cold when it warms back up again.  oye.

so, that's what i have for you tonight!  how's your weekend going??  : )  


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