Wednesday, March 12, 2014

a funny thing happened on the way to get coffee

so, last night at 8 i started a 12 hour fast so i could visit the vampires this morning.  in preparation for that, i got a roast beef sandwich & a pudding from hungry hobo, because their roast beef sandwich seems to have the most staying power for me.  it worked - i didn't really feel hungry until about 7.  then it hit me all at once, of course!  *laugh*  so, after the labs, i stopped at starbucks & BK for coffee & a sammich.  : )  

last night i also stayed up late reading Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan.  BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING story, btw.  today i'm reading Torch by Cambria Hebert.  her take it off series is one of my favorites.  idk what exactly makes it a series, but despite my misgivings about two of the stories, i think i'll get them as well because i just really enjoy her writing!  we'll see, tho.  the one seems to have a love triangle (hate those!) & the other is about a stripper (eh... i'm not sure).  

anyway!  so, work went well today, busy but not overwhelming for the most part.  meeting at the end of the day so the last hour went superfast!  *laugh*  

and then, i left.
all i wanted was some iced coffee & dinner.
first of all, i ended up in the far lane & couldn't get to my exit.  
this is the exit i take every day, so it's not like i didn't know it was coming up.
no problem, i just went to the other exit & turned around.  but then i thought, oh, i'll just stop at the starbucks here & then osaka.
(i really need to get groceries, which is something i normally love to do, but i've been putting it off all week & today was no exception.)
but then i didn't take that road, i took the exit.  
so, okay, i'll just go to my normal after work starbucks & maybe stop at arby's for a reuben.
arby's was closed because the power was out.
then i went to starbucks.
their power was also out.
well, shoot!
okay, so i'll just go to the one on kimberly.
i got into the left lane to turn at the light to go down to that road.
and then i passed the light.
these were sort of conscious decisions & sorta not.  idk how to explain it.
so, i ended up twiddling my thumbs about where i wanted to go & decided i'd just hit up panera.
sometimes, panera gets everything right & it's a wonderfully fun experience.

and sometimes, it's like today.

i ordered a pick two combo, bacon turkey bravo & baked potato soup, and a large iced coffee w/ hazelnut & skim.
when they read it back, they read "medium" but everything else was right.
so i corrected them, and then they asked if i wanted cream or sugar.
i was like, ", just the skim.  and the hazelnut!"  i thought i'd better remind them of the last part since they didn't seem to be grasping it.
so i get to the window & the gal reads back my order - again stating "medium" rather than large, and i again correct her & she says, "oh, yeah, we made a large but just put medium."  okayyyy... 
then she tells me that they ran out of iced coffee so she subbed regular hazelnut coffee for 1/2 of it.
alrighty, i can deal w/ that, no big.
but then when she brings the cup out, i can tell there's no milk in it.
i'm like, "uh, that doesn't look like it has milk in it."
her reply - "we asked if you wanted cream or sugar & you said no."
i laughed.
"right - it's supposed to be skim."
she smacks her head & rolls her eyes & says, "ohhh, right!  skim."
WTF, ppl?!  
seriously.  that entire order taking was abysmal, and SHE IS NOT NEW!  she's been there a while!  
anyway, i was really amused, not angry, but honestly!  that order is the kind of thing that would cause a bitch to want to complain to the manager, ya know?

so, yeah, that was my coffee adventure.
oh, one more thing - so she brings the coffee back, w/ (i hope) skim, AND NO ICE.


also, my water at home smells like paint thinner.  :(  it doesn't TASTE like paint thinner - not that i've ever (thank God), but it doesn't taste like paint thinner smells.  but if it isn't cleared up by tomorrow, i guess i'll call the office & see if we're having water issues that they haven't told us about.

so, that's my story for today.  aren't you glad?  heh

now i'm off to read Torch & then Tricks (another from Cambria) i think will be next.  or a reread of Forgiving Lies so i can read Deceiving Lies... we'll see what i feel like when i finish this one!  i'm really enjoying it!!  : ) 

what've you been up to lately?


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