Saturday, March 29, 2014


sometimes i just get so ticked off about things!  good ppl, hard workers, losing their jobs because of petty, backbiting office BS.  asking someone to stop telling me about a situation that has been hashed & rehashed so many times i can't even explain, and having them stop talking to me for 2 days because apparently THAT IS THE ONLY THING THEY CAN TALK ABOUT.  having that same person start talking to me again after two days & NOTHING HAS CHANGED.  it doesn't surprise me, really - this is the same person who abruptly stopped talking to me at all for five years, only to randomly get back into my life a couple months ago seemingly for the sole purpose of talking about THIS situation OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.  i'm sorry that i'm no longer the same friend  you abandoned.  i don't take as much shit.  i'm 37 years old and i have my own issues that i try to deal w/ in a positive way.  i don't need your negativity or constant whining (yes, sorry, that's what it is at this point) about something you can't or won't change.  BUILD A FRICKIN BRIDGE!  *sigh*  i don't want to be harsh - i don't want to hurt her feelings, but you can't do that kind of thing & expect the friendship to be the same without some work.  or at least some effort.  there's been none of that - there has only been using me as a sounding board for the guy situation.  and my tolerance for that after two months is gone.  

oh, and pot not being legal.  

you know, stuff like that.  (i've never smoked pot, but have been around ppl who were.  none of those ppl were ever violent or even really inebriated, and they were much more well-behaved, actually, than anyone i've ever seen drunk.  and there are so many health benefits to smoking it, along with things hemp can be used for... i just can't help but wonder WHY it's still illegal, why the government hasn't legalized & taxed it.  considering, also, all the crazy-ass CHEMICAL drugs they approve year after year... *sigh*  yeah.)

but i don't stay ticked about things for very long.  i mean, there are too many awesome and wonderful things to focus on!  so many wonderful stories out there to read.  this weekend i've been reading Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley & OH MY HECK it's definitely amazing and wonderful!  : )  my next book-buying spree is going to be heavy on the KA books, i've decided.  : )  

i got to hang out w/ mom last night for dinner, and then hung at her house for a few minutes after.  phil & leyton made her a midnight delight cake for her birthday.  :)  YUMMY!  my brother can bake!!  today, i went to the ihop for breakfast for lunch with mom & leyton.  that boy... oh, i love that boy something fierce!  he sat next to me & was snuggly & fun!  

 tried to get a snap of leyton & gramma hugging.
this was the best picture of the bunch... 

 he kept darting away before the picture snapped!!  LOL

 i, however, know how to stay put for a pose, so he took this one of me & mom.  

looks like he's meditating, huh?

 seriously, look at his eyes!  :D  

 okay, serious egg face!  

favorite!  <3  

i also got to enjoy, finally, a chocolate cupcake from panera.  holy shoot, i think i'll be making that my monthly splurgey treat.  YUMMY!  have you had one?  highly recommend it!  : )  

so.  sometimes i get ticked off, but then i remember that blessings abound.  and i'm so very thankful!  : )  


next book is Tease by Cambria Hebert.  I've been avoiding this one & Tempt because the storylines looked the least appealing, but after reading and LOVING TO PIECES the other books in the Take It Off series, i'm giving them a shot.  it worked out super well w/ Motorcycle Man - i'm not into MC club books at all, but that one turned out to be one of my favorite books so far!  so much so that i'm adding the other books in the club series to my next batch ... :D  


not sure how this happened - i didn't post pictures of these books?  *boggle*  also, jen gave me turtle bracelets!!!  :D  i now have 7!  woot woot!  

later again - actually later this time... LOL  ; ) 

Saturday, March 22, 2014


holy crap, it's been like 10 days since i've written anything!  what the what?

reading lots of really great books.  : ) 

work has been going well, but the past week or so has been totally exhausting.  i moved to a new desk, and it's taking some getting used to.  even tho it's facing the same way as my other one, the drawers aren't set up the same.  this annoys me, because we have this whole freakish "standardization" thing going on, but they can't freaking put the desks the same way?  i don't get it.  also, there is now a huge ass printer to my left, so i have less desk space.  it's just annoying, but i'm getting used to it.  i'll also need to get used to wearing my jean shirt or other sweater-type thing even in summer, because i'm apparently right under a vent.  now, since i run warm, this is not a bad thing, but at the same time - when i'm chilly, you know it's cold!  *laugh*  i'd rather be cold & wear a sweater than be hot & sweating at my desk, tho, so it's all good!  

had been missing leyton really a lot, so it was a gift from the Lord that mom asked me to watch him tonight while she went to church & phil slept for work.  (third shift, poor guy needs his quality sleep!)  he did hang out w/ us for a while before he went to bed, tho, so that was nice.  and leyton was in a cuddly mood, which i always LOVE!  : )  when mom got home, we watched Frozen.  it was cute.  :)  i don't get some of the negative comments ppl'd made about it.  but my favorite parts were when leyton, who i think has only seen it once before & was playing a soccer game on phil's phone, would sing along w/ the songs.  SO CUTE!!  i asked him if he listened to the soundtrack a lot, and he got kinda defensive like he thought i was saying he was doing something wrong for singing.  he replied in an exasperated, defensive tone that he'd only seen the movie once and no he didn't listen to the soundtrack, he just liked the songs.  i made sure to let him know why i'd asked & that i thought it was really cool he was singing along, and when he said he'd only seen it once, i told him that was extra cool, because i couldn't sing along w/ songs i'd only heard once!  

oh, last night i met mom for dinner at red lobster.  she'd gotten a gift card for christmas from great uncle frank, and she chose to share!  : )  i ordered the stuffed tilapia, and there was lobster on top, but it was chewy & i wasn't that impressed.  there was this whole scene where mom asked a busboy what it was, and he didn't know so he grabbed a waiter & the waiter said kind of questioning, "it's lobster."  and i lost it, laughing so hard.  i buried my face in my arms & then looked up & said to him, "i am so sorry!"  he was very gracious, but i'm sure it gave him a good laugh later.  the reason this was so hilarious to me - so, mom & i had been talking about what it was earlier, and we thought it was lobster.  i said i wasn't sure, but whatever it was i'd eaten a piece of it & wasn't that impressed.  then, when she said she was going to ask our waiter, i said something along the lines of - don't do that, i don't want to know what it is!!  i was mostly joking, but then when she went to asking, i just wanted to see how far she'd go, and... it was just funny!!  maybe you had to be there to hear the tone of the waiter's voice when he answered...  ; ) 

the weather's been all crazy.  yesterday it was beautiful & today cold & windy.  SPRING, HURRY UP!  *laugh*  am praying i don't get another awful sinus cold when it warms back up again.  oye.

so, that's what i have for you tonight!  how's your weekend going??  : )  


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

a funny thing happened on the way to get coffee

so, last night at 8 i started a 12 hour fast so i could visit the vampires this morning.  in preparation for that, i got a roast beef sandwich & a pudding from hungry hobo, because their roast beef sandwich seems to have the most staying power for me.  it worked - i didn't really feel hungry until about 7.  then it hit me all at once, of course!  *laugh*  so, after the labs, i stopped at starbucks & BK for coffee & a sammich.  : )  

last night i also stayed up late reading Archer's Voice by Mia Sheridan.  BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING story, btw.  today i'm reading Torch by Cambria Hebert.  her take it off series is one of my favorites.  idk what exactly makes it a series, but despite my misgivings about two of the stories, i think i'll get them as well because i just really enjoy her writing!  we'll see, tho.  the one seems to have a love triangle (hate those!) & the other is about a stripper (eh... i'm not sure).  

anyway!  so, work went well today, busy but not overwhelming for the most part.  meeting at the end of the day so the last hour went superfast!  *laugh*  

and then, i left.
all i wanted was some iced coffee & dinner.
first of all, i ended up in the far lane & couldn't get to my exit.  
this is the exit i take every day, so it's not like i didn't know it was coming up.
no problem, i just went to the other exit & turned around.  but then i thought, oh, i'll just stop at the starbucks here & then osaka.
(i really need to get groceries, which is something i normally love to do, but i've been putting it off all week & today was no exception.)
but then i didn't take that road, i took the exit.  
so, okay, i'll just go to my normal after work starbucks & maybe stop at arby's for a reuben.
arby's was closed because the power was out.
then i went to starbucks.
their power was also out.
well, shoot!
okay, so i'll just go to the one on kimberly.
i got into the left lane to turn at the light to go down to that road.
and then i passed the light.
these were sort of conscious decisions & sorta not.  idk how to explain it.
so, i ended up twiddling my thumbs about where i wanted to go & decided i'd just hit up panera.
sometimes, panera gets everything right & it's a wonderfully fun experience.

and sometimes, it's like today.

i ordered a pick two combo, bacon turkey bravo & baked potato soup, and a large iced coffee w/ hazelnut & skim.
when they read it back, they read "medium" but everything else was right.
so i corrected them, and then they asked if i wanted cream or sugar.
i was like, ", just the skim.  and the hazelnut!"  i thought i'd better remind them of the last part since they didn't seem to be grasping it.
so i get to the window & the gal reads back my order - again stating "medium" rather than large, and i again correct her & she says, "oh, yeah, we made a large but just put medium."  okayyyy... 
then she tells me that they ran out of iced coffee so she subbed regular hazelnut coffee for 1/2 of it.
alrighty, i can deal w/ that, no big.
but then when she brings the cup out, i can tell there's no milk in it.
i'm like, "uh, that doesn't look like it has milk in it."
her reply - "we asked if you wanted cream or sugar & you said no."
i laughed.
"right - it's supposed to be skim."
she smacks her head & rolls her eyes & says, "ohhh, right!  skim."
WTF, ppl?!  
seriously.  that entire order taking was abysmal, and SHE IS NOT NEW!  she's been there a while!  
anyway, i was really amused, not angry, but honestly!  that order is the kind of thing that would cause a bitch to want to complain to the manager, ya know?

so, yeah, that was my coffee adventure.
oh, one more thing - so she brings the coffee back, w/ (i hope) skim, AND NO ICE.


also, my water at home smells like paint thinner.  :(  it doesn't TASTE like paint thinner - not that i've ever (thank God), but it doesn't taste like paint thinner smells.  but if it isn't cleared up by tomorrow, i guess i'll call the office & see if we're having water issues that they haven't told us about.

so, that's my story for today.  aren't you glad?  heh

now i'm off to read Torch & then Tricks (another from Cambria) i think will be next.  or a reread of Forgiving Lies so i can read Deceiving Lies... we'll see what i feel like when i finish this one!  i'm really enjoying it!!  : ) 

what've you been up to lately?


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

three of the seven dwarfs

today i was Grumpy, Happy, and as always, Doc.  thankfully, i was not Sneezy.  i may have been a bit Dopey when i saw mr c... and also Bashful.  and right now i'm feeling Sleepy.

huh.  i guess i was six of the seven dwarfs today!  (why do i think that should be spelled "dwarves"?  it shouldn't, but it must be that "f" as "v" sound.  LOL)

so, anyway!  i'd had a plan for what i wanted to work on today, but then my boss's boss came over super early & had an unexpected project for me.  so, i spent most of my morning working on that.  then i had a meeting at noon, so i had to take my book break (aka lunch) early to get back to my desk.  spent the afternoon working on vacations - STILL didn't get them all done because they just kept coming in!  and also i had some timecard problems that came up which took precedence.  : ) so, tomorrow's schedule will be off, too, but that's okay.  oh, AND i left like 20 minutes late because i was in an impromptu meeting at the end of the day & not paying attention to the time.  d'oh!  

this weekend i tried to read Tangled by Emma Chase, but i just couldn't get into it.  i think my problem was that i read the synopsis & reviews for the sequel, and decided it wasn't worth it.  it makes me sad when authors take perfectly good HEA's & toss other crap at the characters in another book.  it can work, if done well, i will admit.  i have high hopes for Molly McAdams with Deceiving Lies, which is the sequel to Forgiving Lies.  i went into FL not knowing there was a cliffhanger, and it is an EPIC and WELL DONE cliffhanger - IF DL is done well, and gives me a true HEA.  the description certainly seems promising, but she has other books that i have no desire to read because they involve love triangles & tragic deaths... so i know she's capable of breaking my heart (in a bad way) but i loved FL SO MUCH that i have to give DL a shot.  ANYWAY.  so, to get over Tangled (which i had wanted to like, so badly) i reread Until November & Until Trevor.  : )  it worked!  altho i am chomping at the bit for Until Lilly to be in PB... oh, and i sent sarah my other copy of Until November, which she got & started reading & fell in love with, too.  WOOT!  i love recruiting fans of authors i enjoy!  :)  

in further book news... after work today i stopped at the book rack & found some susan mallery, some jill shalvis, a book i've seen raved about (On Dublin Street - i think it's part of a series?  i suppose i could not be lazy & go look it up on amazon, hang on... yes, but it's the right kind of series - connected, but about different couples.  *laugh*  glad for that - i bought it on a whim!)...and then i had the latest Lynsay Sands & Laura Kaye books waiting for me in the mail!  woot  i also have the BIG group of books coming next monday... (including DL)

this means i have some more rereading to do before reading some of these sequels... i'm not sure what i'm reading next, but i think it's a reread of Hard As It Gets so i can then read Hard As You Can (the new Laura Kaye).  : )  

in non-book news... sometimes being Doc can be exhausting.  i love it, don't get me wrong.  i love being there for my friends when they need me.  or random ppl at work.  or the cashier at starbucks (speaking of - prayer request - his 7 year old cousin, darius, is currently in the hospital in a medically induced coma, fighting off a brain tumor of some sort.  idk if "fighting" is the right word... but please pray for him, for healing and for strength for his family.  thanks!!).  

sometimes, tho, as Doc, i just want to shake ppl.  they come to me w/ the same issue, over & over & over again, and i want to say "why do you keep doing this to yourself?!"  actually, come to think of it - sometimes i DO say that.  the answer is usually some version of "you're right, i know, but..."  *sigh*  and then i get frustrated, because i want to help them, but i don't want to hear the same story over & over & over again.  not when it's not a happy story.  if it was about something happy or that was making them happy?  yes, please share!  if it was something that was making them sad that they really couldn't do anything about?  yes, please share!  but when it's stuff that's making them sad that they could totally walk away from?  WALK AWAY FROM IT!  

okay, i feel better.  able to be Doc for another day!

for now, however, i'm going to be Sleepy, because ... well... i'm tired!  *laugh*  i went to bed at 8:30-ish (yes, i know, i gasped, too!!) & slept til 5.  tonight i've made it til 10:30-ish!  it'll be 11 or so before i make it into bed.  : )  

so, be blessed, my friends!  and as we go into this time of Lent, remember the Lord's sacrifice and LOVE.  whether you "give up" something or "give back" something or not, thank Him for the love & mercy shown to you every day.  hug your loved ones, hug a stranger... no, wait, you might not want to do that unless you're really brave!  ; )  but just be thankful for your blessings, and know that YOU ARE LOVED.  *HUGS*