Saturday, February 8, 2014

special delivery

my amazon order of books arrived today.
every delivery of books is special!  : )  
i finished a reread of Sleeping With the Entity by Cat Devon & am going to start Tipsy by Cambria Hebert soon.  i loved her Text, so am hoping i will love this one, too.  she has a new one out soon, Tricks, which i have no idea what it's about & yet the teasers she's posted on FB have made me want to read it!  :D  

i'd planned to meet juli & her fam for lunch today, but that didn't quite work out, so i rescheduled to next saturday.  today, we had MORE SNOW (shocking) so i didn't really want to drive anywhere.
mom picked me up for leyton's basketball game.  little kids playing basketball are just TOO CUTE!  most of the parents realize these are 5 & 6 year olds, but some of them... they're not mean or anything, but they are just very LOUD and "backseat coaching."  phil & i were laughing a lot at one such mom.  or, rather, at her backseat coaching, not at HER, you understand?  we weren't being mean about it.  it was just funny because she would yell at her kid to do this or that & her kid would just sorta look up at her & then do whatever the kid wanted anyway.  *laugh*  at first the kid was trying, but then got tired of it.  heh.

after the game, mom, phil, leyton & i went to osaka for lunch.  i'd wanted mexican, but phil really wanted osaka, so i said okay.  i DO enjoy their buffet!  but i am now still craving enchiladas & tacos!  and chips & salsa!  grrr.  ah well.  it was fun!  : )  after lunch, phil & leyton went home to play hockey & stuff on the xbox, while mom & i went to sam's.  i tried to stop her, but she ended up spending about $100 more than she planned.  all stuff she felt good about (stocking up on TP & paper towels, for example), so i wasn't REALLY trying to stop her.  sort of.  LOL  

then we stopped at the starbucks & she dropped me home, where my boxes of books were waiting for me!  *bounce*  

i'm a little nervous about that kristen ashley.  i don't believe i've read any of her books before, but she is a powerhouse for so many ppl... we'll see when it jumps out at me to read.  :)  

the past week, there were several times i wanted to write about random things going on.  i would think about different things i wanted to write, and then the time to write them would come and *poof* i wasn't sure quite what i'd wanted to say.  sometimes, when that happens, i think i must have worked out whatever i needed to work out in my head, so i no longer needed to actually type it out.  


anywhoo!  i think it's time to read.  : )  


i am so sick of SNOW!
i'm ready for spring.  i like wearing my long sleeve shirts & everything, and i'm not one of those "i'm ready for summer!" ppl.  but i am definitely ready for the end of the snow.  (sorry, trish!  and shelley!  and mercedes!  i know y'all love the snow!)  it's so pretty & all, especially when it's all big flakes floating down from the heavens... awww!  but then reality sets in & i have to shovel the crap & drive on slick roads & be prepared for the stupid driving of other ppl who don't want to admit the roads are slick & want to gun it down them!  
so.  yeah.  *laugh*
come on West Wind!  :D 

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