Monday, February 17, 2014

some stuff

i'm starting off w/ happy things, putting the GRR in the middle, and ending w/ happy things.

so, to start, a couple of photos of my leytonbug on superbowl sunday.  for some reason, my phone to file uploads, which used to be so spot on, have been hit or miss lately.  that's not a happy thing!  i'll share 'em when i can, tho.  at least i can usually upload them through instagram & FB!  : )  

i posted today's GRR on those sites, since it won't let me here.  
it is so pretty, when you're sitting at home or a nice cabin somewhere, snuggled up w/ your book & your coffee.  and your honey, if you have a honey.  ; )  but when you're somewhere that doesn't plow, or that plows piles & piles in your driveway, and there's no one to shovel while you're at work, and you come home to THAT... it is no longer pretty, it is no longer enjoyable.  i miss the days when i could see a giant landscape of snow & think, "YES!  let's jump into that!"  alas, those days are gone as the reality of the cold, heavy, IRRITATING stuff pushes its way in.  

now back to the happy.
: ) 
my work day did go well - got to IM w/ mr c a bit more, which was nice.  he's no longer a fan of snow, either.  *laugh*  
because i didn't do it over the weekend - and had i realized we were going to have snowpocalypse, i would have made sure to do it over the weekend - i had to stop for groceries & gas after work.  thankfully, the streets in iowa were plowed & clear.  i found a Kristen Ashley book, so i'll be giving her a try after i finish Taking A Shot by Jaci Burton.  

yesterday i read about 4 books, and one of them was an ARC i was kindly gifted by Tess Oliver - her upcoming release, Dray.  this is book 3 in her Custom Culture series (Freefall & Clutch are books 1 & 2).  i absolutely LOVE her writing, even when her stories have one of my pet peeves (when the H/h aren't in a lot of scenes together).  her books are always rereadable!  :)  

and she also has some HOT covers!  *grin*

what else of the happy did i want to share?
idk, i can't really remember now.
oh well.  i'm off to read!

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