Wednesday, February 26, 2014

catch me if you can

there's been lots going on, but not a lot of motivation to type it all out.
last week was super nice, in that i was crazy busy at work AND i got to chat w/ my work crush A LOT AND i even got to see him more than once, which is almost unheard of since sometimes i go a month w/o a glimpse.  LOL  
he makes me giddy w/o even trying.

speaking of swooning, i've been reading some great things (my first Kristen Ashley, Law Man, loved it!! will be reading more of her; my first Jaci Burton; and remembering why i like Susan Mallery) and re-reading some favorites (With Me in Seattle series by Kristen Proby; Until series by Aurora Rose Reynolds - i seriously could read these 100x!).  i have a whole mass of books coming in the next couple weeks that i'm super excited about.  will let ya know when they get here!
and today i was supposed to go to the book store & then grocery shopping.  
well... i made it to the book store!

after that i had some other stuff to do & then i was able to just curl up w/ Rock With Me & text w/ bug a bit - i'm sending her my original copy of Until November because i think she'll really like it & i have my signed copy now, so i can share the love!  :)  

a little before 8, jen texted me to see if i could pick anthony up from driver's ed, so i headed down to the HS to get him.  it was nice to see him!  i've missed him.  there's a concert on march 9th that i'd like to take him to, but he's been sick & also the main band (skillet!  woot!) doesn't even take the stage til 9:30 or 10 & i just don't think i want to deal w/ work the next morning after being at an admittedly awesome concert til midnight.  *laugh*  so, hopefully there will be some others coming in the next few months...

there's been some negativity, too, but i'm really trying to steer clear of it.  it's hard to balance being there for a friend & not wanting to talk to them because it's all just so NEGATIVE.  i got shit goin on too, ya know, but if i was negative about all of it - instead of focusing on the positive - i would be miserable all the time.  i have down days, but the good days get me through those, ya know?  
anyway, so i'm trying to work through that & find some balance.

other things that went on, good and bad:

so, i came home to this one day last week.
yeah.  i had to walk through that crap to get to my door.
then i had to change my pants, socks & shoes before shoveling it out so i could park.
good times.  *sarcasm font engaged*  
on the PLUS side, all the snow gave mr c & i a whole day & a half of conversation, so that would be the silver lining there.  *laugh* 

saturday after leyton's basketball game, mom, phil & i went to osaka for some buffet time.
this was my fortune.
it is particularly funny because phil was giving me a hard time about something, to which i replied, "hey, i practically memorized the dictionary in 7th grade!"  and then THIS was my cookie note.

oh, oh, oh!  also!
yesterday was super awesome because i got my tax return (yay!), i was in a sing-y mood ALL DAY, mr c held the door for me, i had a really FUN email conversation w/ some dude who made me laugh - out loud, a lot - AND i got to hang out w/ trish for dinner.  :)  
i did forget my leftovers at the restaurant, but that's okay.
i enjoyed the company & the chips & salsa & cheese dip!  

and i will leave you tonight with this excerpt from one of my new favorite books, Tipsy by Cambria Hebert:

THIS is how i feel.
i want to be pursued.
i want the guy to want to talk to me as much as i want to talk to him, and i want him to show it.
i want the guy to call me.
text me.
IM me.
whatever, make that move.

have a great night/day & hopefully the snow they're predicting will STAY THE EFF AWAY!
i'm so sick of snow!!!  
ready for spring.
the snow-lovers (trish! mercedes!) have had their time.  it's my time now & i'm tired of SNOW being all over the dang place.  ; ) 


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