Friday, January 31, 2014

reading & football

haven't been writing much.  not keeping up w/ my inner dialogue sharing so much.  i have had things on my mind that i've wanted to write about lately, but given the choice, i'd rather be reading.

work has been SO BUSY the past couple weeks - i have felt a little like i'm drowning.  not that i'm behind, but just that i'm always running running running.  meetings, so many meetings!  i actually have had to skip a few because i've been so overscheduled with them lately.  my favorite meetings, tho, are the ones w/ my boss.  i'm thankful to call her a friend as well as a boss, and she's amazing!  our logic is so on the same page, it makes getting my job done & helping ppl easy.  she's good ppl, she loves the Lord, and she is good at her job.  and she is even more overscheduled w/ meetings than i am!  whenever i think that i might want to look into any type of role w/ direct reports (and i'm good w/ direct reports), i think about the sheer multitude of meetings one must attend at that level, and ... no, thank you.  i love my job, and will just continue to do my best there, as long as the Lord allows!!  :D  


i'm excited for the super bowl, for maybe the first time ever.  i was only excited about it last year after actually watching.  but this year, i wanted to watch the playoffs.  i wanted the seahawks and the broncos to win their matches, and i want the seahawks to win, but will be happy if the broncos win, too, because they've worked hard this year.  i actually WANT TO WATCH FOOTBALL!  

and you know why?  books.  Sweet Home by Tillie Cole.  the Marked Men series (Rule, Jet, Rome) by Jay Crownover.  but mostly... mostly because of Will in Play With Me by Kristen Proby.  he's a Hawk.  :D  that series takes place in seattle.  seattle has always held a special place in my heart, ever since it "stole" away my bestest friend in the world the summer after we became bestest friends.  seattle was where april lived, well, that general area.  seattle is home to my two favorite coffees - starbucks & seattle's best.  : )  and even tho april's now living the dream while living in maryland (which, that whole area - MD, VA, DC! - holds a special place in my heart, too!), seattle will always have a piece of my heart.  so, GO HAWKS!!  *grin*

will you be watching the super bowl?  do you care about the football?  the commercials?  spending time w/ family/friends?  SNACKING?  : )  i'll be hanging out at trish's, catching up w/ her, w/ Revenge (the show, not a plot.  altho... *laugh*) & then watching the game.  

ttfn - i sort of want to read Play With Me again this weekend, but we'll see what happens when i peruse the library.  i just finished the very good Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin, and have started Hopeless (Colleen Hoover, that genius!), but need to restart & charge Chromey, so i might start something else while that happens.

anyway!  cya!  ; ) 

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