Thursday, January 2, 2014


i don't know how many times i've read Seize the Night by sherrilyn kenyon.  i could find out, if i went back through my book log, but it's really immaterial.  every time i read it, i am sucked in.  fully, completely.  almost all of her books do that to me, but this story is one of my favorites.  watching tabitha pull val out of the depression and melancholy ... and then zarek's wedding toast at the end... it always makes me tear up.  every. single. time.

and every single time i read any of her books, it sets off a desire in me to read the whole series.  i want to immerse myself in the dark-hunter world once again.  i want to revisit vane & bride, zarek & astrid, wren & maggie, ravyn & susan, sin & katra, seth & lydia... and ash & tory.  just to, you know, name a few.  *laugh*  and styxx... that book sliced me open too much, tho - i'm not ready to re-read it yet.  i've read acheron so many times i practically have it memorized, but still it calls to me.  

right now i'm dealing with reader guilt, because i started the new sophie jordan (Foreplay), which i'd fallen in love w/ after reading snippets here & there as the promotions went around before it was released.  however, even before i started it, val was calling to me, and so a few chapters in i had to stop that & read STN.  and now, just like i knew they would, the other Hunters are calling to me & yet i am still a few chapters into Foreplay.  (really, this book title!  LOL)  i feel like i'm not being fair to this book, because i WANT to give it all my attention, the story is really good so far, but the pull to read more Hunters... it's there.  

so, what do i do?  i'm still not sure, which is why i'm taking a break & writing!  

other things going on - today was my first day back at work after having 12 days off.  i thought it would be hard to get up on time, but thank God it was not.  however, staying awake throughout the day... LOL  i had hundreds of emails to go through, a few phone calls - including one each from a family member thanking me & the company for sending a memorial for their loved one who had retired from the company.  i love reading the stories that some ppl share, having that tiny little view into how much the company has been a part of their lives.  sometimes i get a little overwhelmed at the fact that i work for a legacy company, ya know?  it's not perfect - nothing is.  but it's perfect for me, this job i'm blessed to do.  sometimes i want to grab up all the execs & share w/ them how the little things that we, as a company, do for our employees - for the families, even after they've retired - how those things continue to build loyalty and whatnot... how much it's appreciated.  

the phone calls are the hardest, tho, because i always feel blindsided.  and at the same time, again, i love talking to the loved ones of our retirees and hearing the stories they want to share.  to hear how their mother or father or brother or whomever loved working for the company, how they will forever be "fans."  i don't know how to explain it.  i'm not trying to be gushy!!  


it is SUPER cold & supposed to be even more in the arctic realms next week.  BRRRR!  *laugh*  thankfully, we get to wear jeans at least monday & tuesday.  who knew i would be so happy wearing jeans?  i love my skirts, but when it is THAT frigid, and snowy, let me tell ya, jeans are a godsend!!  :D  

i've been sick all week.  my tummy is finally feeling better, but still gurgles at odd times.  

okay, okay, i've been procrastinating long enough.  i've played on FB for an hour & looked up books on amazon & goodreads & i still don't know what i'm doing about what i'm reading now.  back to ... something.


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