Tuesday, January 7, 2014


today was a bit of an odd day.  

i cut my hair yesterday.  it might not be quite even, but the curl is back.  yay!  

so, today i was super happy in the morning, happy to be feeling better, happy chloe started right away, happy to be such a regular at one of the starbucks that i'm called "my dear" and the barista knows i'm most likely getting a venti iced coffee.  *grin*  then, to make me even more manic, i saw mr c in the hallway & got to say good morning.  agh, i enjoy him but he frustrates the crap out of me, too!  

i spent the morning quite mired in timecard issues, and by the time my book break came around, i had the beginnings of a nagging headache.  (it's still there, nagging at me, having survived food & water & caffeine & several pain pills.  ugh.)  i'd hoped to work on memorials today, but had an impromptu meeting & several phone calls & i at least managed to get the spreadsheet mostly done, so hooray for that!  i also wanted to get through vacations, which had piled up quite nicely while i was gone yesterday, but only got about 1/4 of the way through those, as well.  so i know i'll be busy tomorrow!  *laugh*  

despite the crazy & the headache, it really was a good day.  : )  i got to chat w/ april a bit, and i received a super sweet, VERY unexpected surprise in my email - some friends of mine sent me a gift card to amazon!  *supersquee*  :D  combining two of my favorite things - presents and books.  books as presents!  *twirly happy dance*  so... i may have a cart full of books already, just waiting for me to push the "checkout" button... LOL  

had wanted fazoli's for dinner (oh, craving garlicky breadsticks, yes i am!) but they had a note on their speaker saying they were closed due to the extreme weather.  but there were cars in the parking lot & it had looked like there were ppl inside & IT WAS NOT THAT COLD TODAY!  buggar.  so i went to arthur's instead, which you know i always love arthur's!  still, am thinking that i'll try to stop by fazoli's tomorrow since i still want my flippin breadsticks!  heh.

what else?  i'll be sending out some postcrossings tomorrow to russia & germany.  

Jet came in the mail.  : )  that'll be my next read.  

green tea frappucion.  yum!

and, back to my book!  : )  


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