Wednesday, January 15, 2014


more than this
by jay mclean
re-reading, because it is an AWESOME story!  i love it!
there are two sequels so far - 
more than her
(which apparently ends cliffhangery & sad)
more than him
(which is the rest of the more than her story and HAD BETTER have an HEA.)

i'm not getting book 2 until book 3 is out & i can get them both at the same time.
cliffhangers make me cranky.  i don't like the new trend of the cliffhanger.

my garbage can, which blew away in the gale force winds of yesterday, after being emptied by the garbage collection agents, has not returned.  i meant to pick one up while i was at the store today, but i went to hy vee instead of WM.
add that to my list tomorrow.

i was SUPPOSED to go to the DMV today to renew my license, but they have apparently moved and i don't know where they are now.  so, will have to find THAT out tomorrow.  but that's how i ended up at hy vee rather than WM, because it was closer.  except, then i ended up at the gas station at WM anyway, so ... fail.  ah well.  i have groceries!  : )  

groceries that included a chocolate pudding parfait, because, well, parfait.
really, does there need to be a reason for that??

oh!  so, this morning i decided to get coffee & a souffle at the panera instead of stopping at the starbucks.  but then, for some weird reason, the panera coffee tasted weird, so i ended up at starbucks anyway.  and i was going to toss the panera coffee.  but THEN all of a sudden, it tasted fine.  but not til after i'd gotten starbucks coffee.  (which, while i was there, the lady thought i was a friend of hers named jen.  she tried to give me a drink w/ 7 pumps of something in it... i should have asked what it was, maybe i would like it?!  LOL)

so, anyway, i left the panera coffee in my car & it tasted fine when i went back out there.  it was slushy & half frozen cuz it's COLD out, but i like it that way!  : ) (the coffee.  not the weather.  too cold!)

PLUS then i didn't have to stop on my way to the DMV.  or, rather, where the DMV used to be... LOL

i think there was something else... more books on their way to me.  yay!  and i actually downloaded some free ones that look really good, too.  *bounceclap*  love love!!

and that's it.  now i'm gonna log off of here & dive back into my book.  : )  


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