Tuesday, January 21, 2014


i haven't had grape-nuts in awhile.  i remember liking them at some point & then thinking they tasted like cardboard,  i sort of want to try them again to see what my opinion would be now.  however, i probably won't, unless i happen across a tiny box of them!  *laugh*  idk why i was thinking of them the other day - not specifically, but cereal names in general.  i mean, is there another cereal whose name is so completely NOT what the cereal is about?  

today it was back to work after a lovely 3 day weekend.  well, other than leyton being sick sunday night, of course.  that wasn't lovely AT. ALL.  poor kid!  he's all better now, thank God.  work today was super fast & mostly fun.  more ppl not reading or paying attention to the instructions i laid out clearly in email, but today i found it more amusing than irritating, so that's a plus.  : )  also, i got to chat w/ my boss, and i enjoy that!  we were supposed to have a meeting at 10:30, but she was running behind & rescheduled it for later in the week.  however, when i saw her heading into her office later, i snagged some of her time.  : )  it feels good to have management that i can TALK to, ya know?  

when i got home, i had a couple surprises waiting for me in the form of books that i thought weren't coming til tomorrow.  and i should have more tomorrow.  woot!  i read The Beauty Series today (a BIT steamier than i was expecting, but there was a really good story wrapped up in there) & next will be Rome, which is book 3 in Jay Crownover's Marked Men series.  i really enjoyed Rule & mostly enjoyed Jet.  hoping w/ this one our main characters will be IN SCENES TOGETHER (which, that lack was my main complaint w/ Jet)... 

i do need to make sure i get to bed before midnight tonight, tho... :D  


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