Saturday, January 11, 2014


as i told april, that is not to be confused w/ a FUN vampire.  *laugh*  a fun-vampire SUCKS ALL THE FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING!

this week was, off & on, a fun-vampire.  i was sick on monday, then i was suuuuper happy tuesday morning, when i felt better & was just happy to be back at work & feeling fine.  then tuesday afternoon brought some challenges, and wednesday continued in the vein of frustrations R us, thursday was GREAT - stressy at work, still, but then phil rented Despicable Me 2 & invited me over to watch.  and while i was waiting for him to get home, there was an indiana jones movie on the telly, so harrison ford, ya know?  : )  DM2 is HILARIOUS, btw, and it was a really fun night.  : )  

yesterday was a bit of a challenge - apparently my internal clock thought it was saturday & let me sleep in.  so i ended up taking 2 hours of vacation - PTL i have vacation to take!  

today was very nice, tho.  today, i started a little christmas story called Perfect, and i like it so far.  mom picked me up at 11:30 & we met phil (and jen & marty, who sat a few aisles away) for leyton's basketball game.  he did GREAT!  : )  it was a lot of fun to watch the littles run up & down the court & make baskets (leyton made a couple & had some good passes & assists!).  after the game, mom, phil, leyton & i went to osaka for lunch - YUMMY!  : )  

leyton was in kinda a snarky mood & wasn't being very nice to me, but hopefully he'll be better tomorrow.  

i got my mail before phil dropped me off home & my GIANT BOX OF BOOKS arrived!  i'm excited about this batch!  : )  sadly, my phone / computer sync is still all wackadoodle for pictures, or i would show you the bounty!  *laugh*

now i'm all snuggled up home again, and will finish Perfect & then get started on Let Me In.  Or Bound.  Or 

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