Monday, January 6, 2014


well now, if you have been paying any attention at all to the weather - or if you have a FB account, chances are you've been forced to pay at least a little attention - you know that it is 
in the midwest & south & east. 
and it's always cold in the north, but ironically, it was warmer up north this weekend/week. 
i think it's still warm in the west.

so, with it being cold & w/ this weekend consisting of my "bad" days (early - wth is going on w/ my timetable, here, ppl?!), i didn't really go anywhere yesterday.
perhaps i should have still at least started the car at some point yesterday, however. 
because this morning, tho not feeling 100% yet, i got up & went out to shovel the walk & get the car started to warm it up.
except ... she wouldn't start!
the engine just made this horrible grinding noise, like chloe WANTED to start, but she just couldn't.
poor chloe.  :(

so, i texted my boss & stayed in my pj's.

thankfully, the sun came out & when i went out to start her later in the morning, she did.  and the temperature gauge was working normally, so PTL for that!  hopefully, even tho it's supposed to stay super cold through tomorrow morning, she'll start up then.  and now, at 1pm, i'm finally feeling better.  hooray!

when the coffee finally kicked in, i finished amanda quick's Quicksilver (good!) and decided to do a re-read next (North of Need) and then i might do another re-read because More Than This is calling to me.
yes, i have more new books on my shelves waiting for me.
but - and perhaps it's just me, or perhaps my fellow readers go through this too? - i have to go where the characters call.  *laugh*  or something like that.  fighting it only makes it harder to enjoy the stories. 

um.  so.

i would like to post some really cute leyton pictures here, but unfortunately my phone is not cooperating.

anyway!  supposed to be super cold again tomorrow, but as long as chloe starts, it'll all be good.
right now, i would really like some starbucks (it's been TWO FLIPPIN DAYS!) but not enough to go traipsing about at the moment.  so, i'll just stick another k-cup in the ol' keurig & enjoy that.  : ) 


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