Friday, January 17, 2014

3 day weekend!

woot woot! 
i totally forgot that it's MLK monday, so we have a day off, and was soooooo happy when i remembered!  
: ) 

today was pretty flippin great, thank the Lord!  i had a HUUUUUGE error report, which took up my whole day.  and i didn't even get to the actual vacation errors - i spent the day figuring out who i needed to contact about using the wrong codes on their cards over shutdown/christmas/NY's, contacting them, and helping them correct their cards.  oh.  here's a pet peeve of mine:
i provide INSTRUCTIONS in the form of a word doc in the email i send.
ppl reply back to me, ASKING ME HOW TO DO WHAT I'M ASKING THEM TO DO!!!!
*shocky face*
did you READ THE EMAIL?  
and it's really difficult not to sound rude or bitchy when replying to those, only because i'm giving them the exact same thing i originally sent!  i mean, obviously I WANT TO HELP THEM, so i don't want to sound rude or bitchy!!!  


but i did get to speak to some super nice ppl on the phone & share their screens to help walk them through fixing their timecards.  one guy tried to give me control of his computer, & i was like, "no, i want you to have control so you'll be able to do this if it happens again."  he really appreciated that!  : )  

and i got to hang out at happy joe's for lunch w/ some of my wall-mates & it was fun!  and also delicious.  words cannot express how much i enjoy HJ's sausage pizza.  YUM!

on my way home, some asshat on the interstate decided to RACE around me & then CUT ME OFF and SLAM ON HIS BRAKES to get to the exit.  *sigh*  i honked at him the whole way to the stoplight, and then took a picture of his truck.  JERK.  he was apparently in a hurry to get to the chinese buffet.  
i went for a cheeseburger & coffee & let my irritation (and heart rate) calm down.

then i got home & i had a package of signed books from aurora rose reynolds, who wrote one of my FAVORITES, Until November.  :D  i'm re-reading it again before i dig into book 2, which was also in the package, Until Trevor.  she's currently at a blogger fest in texas (i wish i were there, i could meet kayla, too!  pooh.) but is also working on book 3 (Until Lilly) & maybe book 4?  
oh, and in more book news (ikr!), amazon has been emailing me all day to let me know that my books have been shipping, and they should be here next week.  woot woot!!

so, now i must log off the computer (altho i'm having fun - ARR & Kemmie Michaels are both taking over different FB pages & i've been enjoying reading those.  :) ) ... 

happy friday, party peeps!  

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