Friday, January 31, 2014

reading & football

haven't been writing much.  not keeping up w/ my inner dialogue sharing so much.  i have had things on my mind that i've wanted to write about lately, but given the choice, i'd rather be reading.

work has been SO BUSY the past couple weeks - i have felt a little like i'm drowning.  not that i'm behind, but just that i'm always running running running.  meetings, so many meetings!  i actually have had to skip a few because i've been so overscheduled with them lately.  my favorite meetings, tho, are the ones w/ my boss.  i'm thankful to call her a friend as well as a boss, and she's amazing!  our logic is so on the same page, it makes getting my job done & helping ppl easy.  she's good ppl, she loves the Lord, and she is good at her job.  and she is even more overscheduled w/ meetings than i am!  whenever i think that i might want to look into any type of role w/ direct reports (and i'm good w/ direct reports), i think about the sheer multitude of meetings one must attend at that level, and ... no, thank you.  i love my job, and will just continue to do my best there, as long as the Lord allows!!  :D  


i'm excited for the super bowl, for maybe the first time ever.  i was only excited about it last year after actually watching.  but this year, i wanted to watch the playoffs.  i wanted the seahawks and the broncos to win their matches, and i want the seahawks to win, but will be happy if the broncos win, too, because they've worked hard this year.  i actually WANT TO WATCH FOOTBALL!  

and you know why?  books.  Sweet Home by Tillie Cole.  the Marked Men series (Rule, Jet, Rome) by Jay Crownover.  but mostly... mostly because of Will in Play With Me by Kristen Proby.  he's a Hawk.  :D  that series takes place in seattle.  seattle has always held a special place in my heart, ever since it "stole" away my bestest friend in the world the summer after we became bestest friends.  seattle was where april lived, well, that general area.  seattle is home to my two favorite coffees - starbucks & seattle's best.  : )  and even tho april's now living the dream while living in maryland (which, that whole area - MD, VA, DC! - holds a special place in my heart, too!), seattle will always have a piece of my heart.  so, GO HAWKS!!  *grin*

will you be watching the super bowl?  do you care about the football?  the commercials?  spending time w/ family/friends?  SNACKING?  : )  i'll be hanging out at trish's, catching up w/ her, w/ Revenge (the show, not a plot.  altho... *laugh*) & then watching the game.  

ttfn - i sort of want to read Play With Me again this weekend, but we'll see what happens when i peruse the library.  i just finished the very good Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin, and have started Hopeless (Colleen Hoover, that genius!), but need to restart & charge Chromey, so i might start something else while that happens.

anyway!  cya!  ; ) 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


i haven't had grape-nuts in awhile.  i remember liking them at some point & then thinking they tasted like cardboard,  i sort of want to try them again to see what my opinion would be now.  however, i probably won't, unless i happen across a tiny box of them!  *laugh*  idk why i was thinking of them the other day - not specifically, but cereal names in general.  i mean, is there another cereal whose name is so completely NOT what the cereal is about?  

today it was back to work after a lovely 3 day weekend.  well, other than leyton being sick sunday night, of course.  that wasn't lovely AT. ALL.  poor kid!  he's all better now, thank God.  work today was super fast & mostly fun.  more ppl not reading or paying attention to the instructions i laid out clearly in email, but today i found it more amusing than irritating, so that's a plus.  : )  also, i got to chat w/ my boss, and i enjoy that!  we were supposed to have a meeting at 10:30, but she was running behind & rescheduled it for later in the week.  however, when i saw her heading into her office later, i snagged some of her time.  : )  it feels good to have management that i can TALK to, ya know?  

when i got home, i had a couple surprises waiting for me in the form of books that i thought weren't coming til tomorrow.  and i should have more tomorrow.  woot!  i read The Beauty Series today (a BIT steamier than i was expecting, but there was a really good story wrapped up in there) & next will be Rome, which is book 3 in Jay Crownover's Marked Men series.  i really enjoyed Rule & mostly enjoyed Jet.  hoping w/ this one our main characters will be IN SCENES TOGETHER (which, that lack was my main complaint w/ Jet)... 

i do need to make sure i get to bed before midnight tonight, tho... :D  


Friday, January 17, 2014

3 day weekend!

woot woot! 
i totally forgot that it's MLK monday, so we have a day off, and was soooooo happy when i remembered!  
: ) 

today was pretty flippin great, thank the Lord!  i had a HUUUUUGE error report, which took up my whole day.  and i didn't even get to the actual vacation errors - i spent the day figuring out who i needed to contact about using the wrong codes on their cards over shutdown/christmas/NY's, contacting them, and helping them correct their cards.  oh.  here's a pet peeve of mine:
i provide INSTRUCTIONS in the form of a word doc in the email i send.
ppl reply back to me, ASKING ME HOW TO DO WHAT I'M ASKING THEM TO DO!!!!
*shocky face*
did you READ THE EMAIL?  
and it's really difficult not to sound rude or bitchy when replying to those, only because i'm giving them the exact same thing i originally sent!  i mean, obviously I WANT TO HELP THEM, so i don't want to sound rude or bitchy!!!  


but i did get to speak to some super nice ppl on the phone & share their screens to help walk them through fixing their timecards.  one guy tried to give me control of his computer, & i was like, "no, i want you to have control so you'll be able to do this if it happens again."  he really appreciated that!  : )  

and i got to hang out at happy joe's for lunch w/ some of my wall-mates & it was fun!  and also delicious.  words cannot express how much i enjoy HJ's sausage pizza.  YUM!

on my way home, some asshat on the interstate decided to RACE around me & then CUT ME OFF and SLAM ON HIS BRAKES to get to the exit.  *sigh*  i honked at him the whole way to the stoplight, and then took a picture of his truck.  JERK.  he was apparently in a hurry to get to the chinese buffet.  
i went for a cheeseburger & coffee & let my irritation (and heart rate) calm down.

then i got home & i had a package of signed books from aurora rose reynolds, who wrote one of my FAVORITES, Until November.  :D  i'm re-reading it again before i dig into book 2, which was also in the package, Until Trevor.  she's currently at a blogger fest in texas (i wish i were there, i could meet kayla, too!  pooh.) but is also working on book 3 (Until Lilly) & maybe book 4?  
oh, and in more book news (ikr!), amazon has been emailing me all day to let me know that my books have been shipping, and they should be here next week.  woot woot!!

so, now i must log off the computer (altho i'm having fun - ARR & Kemmie Michaels are both taking over different FB pages & i've been enjoying reading those.  :) ) ... 

happy friday, party peeps!  

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


more than this
by jay mclean
re-reading, because it is an AWESOME story!  i love it!
there are two sequels so far - 
more than her
(which apparently ends cliffhangery & sad)
more than him
(which is the rest of the more than her story and HAD BETTER have an HEA.)

i'm not getting book 2 until book 3 is out & i can get them both at the same time.
cliffhangers make me cranky.  i don't like the new trend of the cliffhanger.

my garbage can, which blew away in the gale force winds of yesterday, after being emptied by the garbage collection agents, has not returned.  i meant to pick one up while i was at the store today, but i went to hy vee instead of WM.
add that to my list tomorrow.

i was SUPPOSED to go to the DMV today to renew my license, but they have apparently moved and i don't know where they are now.  so, will have to find THAT out tomorrow.  but that's how i ended up at hy vee rather than WM, because it was closer.  except, then i ended up at the gas station at WM anyway, so ... fail.  ah well.  i have groceries!  : )  

groceries that included a chocolate pudding parfait, because, well, parfait.
really, does there need to be a reason for that??

oh!  so, this morning i decided to get coffee & a souffle at the panera instead of stopping at the starbucks.  but then, for some weird reason, the panera coffee tasted weird, so i ended up at starbucks anyway.  and i was going to toss the panera coffee.  but THEN all of a sudden, it tasted fine.  but not til after i'd gotten starbucks coffee.  (which, while i was there, the lady thought i was a friend of hers named jen.  she tried to give me a drink w/ 7 pumps of something in it... i should have asked what it was, maybe i would like it?!  LOL)

so, anyway, i left the panera coffee in my car & it tasted fine when i went back out there.  it was slushy & half frozen cuz it's COLD out, but i like it that way!  : ) (the coffee.  not the weather.  too cold!)

PLUS then i didn't have to stop on my way to the DMV.  or, rather, where the DMV used to be... LOL

i think there was something else... more books on their way to me.  yay!  and i actually downloaded some free ones that look really good, too.  *bounceclap*  love love!!

and that's it.  now i'm gonna log off of here & dive back into my book.  : )  


Saturday, January 11, 2014


as i told april, that is not to be confused w/ a FUN vampire.  *laugh*  a fun-vampire SUCKS ALL THE FUN OUT OF EVERYTHING!

this week was, off & on, a fun-vampire.  i was sick on monday, then i was suuuuper happy tuesday morning, when i felt better & was just happy to be back at work & feeling fine.  then tuesday afternoon brought some challenges, and wednesday continued in the vein of frustrations R us, thursday was GREAT - stressy at work, still, but then phil rented Despicable Me 2 & invited me over to watch.  and while i was waiting for him to get home, there was an indiana jones movie on the telly, so harrison ford, ya know?  : )  DM2 is HILARIOUS, btw, and it was a really fun night.  : )  

yesterday was a bit of a challenge - apparently my internal clock thought it was saturday & let me sleep in.  so i ended up taking 2 hours of vacation - PTL i have vacation to take!  

today was very nice, tho.  today, i started a little christmas story called Perfect, and i like it so far.  mom picked me up at 11:30 & we met phil (and jen & marty, who sat a few aisles away) for leyton's basketball game.  he did GREAT!  : )  it was a lot of fun to watch the littles run up & down the court & make baskets (leyton made a couple & had some good passes & assists!).  after the game, mom, phil, leyton & i went to osaka for lunch - YUMMY!  : )  

leyton was in kinda a snarky mood & wasn't being very nice to me, but hopefully he'll be better tomorrow.  

i got my mail before phil dropped me off home & my GIANT BOX OF BOOKS arrived!  i'm excited about this batch!  : )  sadly, my phone / computer sync is still all wackadoodle for pictures, or i would show you the bounty!  *laugh*

now i'm all snuggled up home again, and will finish Perfect & then get started on Let Me In.  Or Bound.  Or 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


today was a bit of an odd day.  

i cut my hair yesterday.  it might not be quite even, but the curl is back.  yay!  

so, today i was super happy in the morning, happy to be feeling better, happy chloe started right away, happy to be such a regular at one of the starbucks that i'm called "my dear" and the barista knows i'm most likely getting a venti iced coffee.  *grin*  then, to make me even more manic, i saw mr c in the hallway & got to say good morning.  agh, i enjoy him but he frustrates the crap out of me, too!  

i spent the morning quite mired in timecard issues, and by the time my book break came around, i had the beginnings of a nagging headache.  (it's still there, nagging at me, having survived food & water & caffeine & several pain pills.  ugh.)  i'd hoped to work on memorials today, but had an impromptu meeting & several phone calls & i at least managed to get the spreadsheet mostly done, so hooray for that!  i also wanted to get through vacations, which had piled up quite nicely while i was gone yesterday, but only got about 1/4 of the way through those, as well.  so i know i'll be busy tomorrow!  *laugh*  

despite the crazy & the headache, it really was a good day.  : )  i got to chat w/ april a bit, and i received a super sweet, VERY unexpected surprise in my email - some friends of mine sent me a gift card to amazon!  *supersquee*  :D  combining two of my favorite things - presents and books.  books as presents!  *twirly happy dance*  so... i may have a cart full of books already, just waiting for me to push the "checkout" button... LOL  

had wanted fazoli's for dinner (oh, craving garlicky breadsticks, yes i am!) but they had a note on their speaker saying they were closed due to the extreme weather.  but there were cars in the parking lot & it had looked like there were ppl inside & IT WAS NOT THAT COLD TODAY!  buggar.  so i went to arthur's instead, which you know i always love arthur's!  still, am thinking that i'll try to stop by fazoli's tomorrow since i still want my flippin breadsticks!  heh.

what else?  i'll be sending out some postcrossings tomorrow to russia & germany.  

Jet came in the mail.  : )  that'll be my next read.  

green tea frappucion.  yum!

and, back to my book!  : )  


Monday, January 6, 2014


well now, if you have been paying any attention at all to the weather - or if you have a FB account, chances are you've been forced to pay at least a little attention - you know that it is 
in the midwest & south & east. 
and it's always cold in the north, but ironically, it was warmer up north this weekend/week. 
i think it's still warm in the west.

so, with it being cold & w/ this weekend consisting of my "bad" days (early - wth is going on w/ my timetable, here, ppl?!), i didn't really go anywhere yesterday.
perhaps i should have still at least started the car at some point yesterday, however. 
because this morning, tho not feeling 100% yet, i got up & went out to shovel the walk & get the car started to warm it up.
except ... she wouldn't start!
the engine just made this horrible grinding noise, like chloe WANTED to start, but she just couldn't.
poor chloe.  :(

so, i texted my boss & stayed in my pj's.

thankfully, the sun came out & when i went out to start her later in the morning, she did.  and the temperature gauge was working normally, so PTL for that!  hopefully, even tho it's supposed to stay super cold through tomorrow morning, she'll start up then.  and now, at 1pm, i'm finally feeling better.  hooray!

when the coffee finally kicked in, i finished amanda quick's Quicksilver (good!) and decided to do a re-read next (North of Need) and then i might do another re-read because More Than This is calling to me.
yes, i have more new books on my shelves waiting for me.
but - and perhaps it's just me, or perhaps my fellow readers go through this too? - i have to go where the characters call.  *laugh*  or something like that.  fighting it only makes it harder to enjoy the stories. 

um.  so.

i would like to post some really cute leyton pictures here, but unfortunately my phone is not cooperating.

anyway!  supposed to be super cold again tomorrow, but as long as chloe starts, it'll all be good.
right now, i would really like some starbucks (it's been TWO FLIPPIN DAYS!) but not enough to go traipsing about at the moment.  so, i'll just stick another k-cup in the ol' keurig & enjoy that.  : ) 


Thursday, January 2, 2014


i don't know how many times i've read Seize the Night by sherrilyn kenyon.  i could find out, if i went back through my book log, but it's really immaterial.  every time i read it, i am sucked in.  fully, completely.  almost all of her books do that to me, but this story is one of my favorites.  watching tabitha pull val out of the depression and melancholy ... and then zarek's wedding toast at the end... it always makes me tear up.  every. single. time.

and every single time i read any of her books, it sets off a desire in me to read the whole series.  i want to immerse myself in the dark-hunter world once again.  i want to revisit vane & bride, zarek & astrid, wren & maggie, ravyn & susan, sin & katra, seth & lydia... and ash & tory.  just to, you know, name a few.  *laugh*  and styxx... that book sliced me open too much, tho - i'm not ready to re-read it yet.  i've read acheron so many times i practically have it memorized, but still it calls to me.  

right now i'm dealing with reader guilt, because i started the new sophie jordan (Foreplay), which i'd fallen in love w/ after reading snippets here & there as the promotions went around before it was released.  however, even before i started it, val was calling to me, and so a few chapters in i had to stop that & read STN.  and now, just like i knew they would, the other Hunters are calling to me & yet i am still a few chapters into Foreplay.  (really, this book title!  LOL)  i feel like i'm not being fair to this book, because i WANT to give it all my attention, the story is really good so far, but the pull to read more Hunters... it's there.  

so, what do i do?  i'm still not sure, which is why i'm taking a break & writing!  

other things going on - today was my first day back at work after having 12 days off.  i thought it would be hard to get up on time, but thank God it was not.  however, staying awake throughout the day... LOL  i had hundreds of emails to go through, a few phone calls - including one each from a family member thanking me & the company for sending a memorial for their loved one who had retired from the company.  i love reading the stories that some ppl share, having that tiny little view into how much the company has been a part of their lives.  sometimes i get a little overwhelmed at the fact that i work for a legacy company, ya know?  it's not perfect - nothing is.  but it's perfect for me, this job i'm blessed to do.  sometimes i want to grab up all the execs & share w/ them how the little things that we, as a company, do for our employees - for the families, even after they've retired - how those things continue to build loyalty and whatnot... how much it's appreciated.  

the phone calls are the hardest, tho, because i always feel blindsided.  and at the same time, again, i love talking to the loved ones of our retirees and hearing the stories they want to share.  to hear how their mother or father or brother or whomever loved working for the company, how they will forever be "fans."  i don't know how to explain it.  i'm not trying to be gushy!!  


it is SUPER cold & supposed to be even more in the arctic realms next week.  BRRRR!  *laugh*  thankfully, we get to wear jeans at least monday & tuesday.  who knew i would be so happy wearing jeans?  i love my skirts, but when it is THAT frigid, and snowy, let me tell ya, jeans are a godsend!!  :D  

i've been sick all week.  my tummy is finally feeling better, but still gurgles at odd times.  

okay, okay, i've been procrastinating long enough.  i've played on FB for an hour & looked up books on amazon & goodreads & i still don't know what i'm doing about what i'm reading now.  back to ... something.