Tuesday, December 17, 2013


today was a rough day.  it should have been a fun day, but i was feeling pretty grumpy for most of it.  nothing triggered it, really, and - just for anyone who might think it, no, it is not the right time of the month for irrational grumpiness.  if it were, the grumpiness wouldn't really be irrational, as there would be a cause for it!  *laugh*  

even seeing mr c wasn't enough to kick me out of the grumpies.

we had a cookie exchange today & i helped set up & distribute cookies & if i hadn't been feeling grumpy, it would have been really fun!  i spent part of my time trying to find missing christmas trees, tho.  we think someone may have absconded w/ them last year... :(  

my afternoon was decidedly better, tho, and a few things finally got me mostly out of the doldrums.  lunch w/ a friend at happy joe's & they had my favorite (sausage) pizza & my former wall-mate is always very good company!!  : )  then, i got to e-chat w/ april for a bit, which made me feel tons better.  AND i got to chat w/ someone about timecards & he ALWAYS makes me smile.  he's a riot!  he'd sent me an email asking me to call him when i got a chance, and apparently i called right after i got the note because his first words were, "wow, you're fast!"  and i made a comment about being faster than jimmie john's & then he made a comment which i found hilarious but he suddenly was like, "ooh, you're HR, that could have been inappropriate."  i assured him i found it hilarious & not offensive (perhaps a bit risque, but even that wasn't intentional!).  then he proceeded to make me laugh for the next 10 minutes while we went over timecard stuff.  laughter really IS the best medicine.  

and right before i left, another friend IM'd me to see if i'd go check out what was left of the cookie table, so we did that & that was fun!  : )  

then, i got to come home & snuggle up w/ my book (Sweet Home by Tillie Cole - i wasn't sure if i liked it in the beginning.  the writing style takes some getting used to.  but now i'm a bit over 1/2 way & really love it!!  : )  

so, hopefully the good mood carries over into tomorrow... 

for now, a couple more chapters & then i must SLEEP!


OH!  on the way in to work this morning, i stopped at starbucks & got a sample blueberry donut - did you even know they had those?  it was yummy!  also, there were some packages on the road - i hope no one ran into them!  :(  and that they didn't get destroyed & make their way back home... eep!  

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