Saturday, December 21, 2013

post 111 - a day of SMILES

today was a blessed and fantabulous day!  :)  

mom picked me up at 11 & we met phil & leyton at osaka for lunch.  lots of fun, and we had a very interesting conversation about how it doesn't bother me to eat or drink after ppl i don't know.  neither mom nor phil believes me, but *shrug*  it doesn't bother me.  i mean, if there was something gross left behind, THAT would bother me, but that would bother me whether i knew the person or not.  i've shared cigarettes w/ ppl i didn't know (okay, once, on the sidewalk in chicago outside a restaurant, and the waiter was cuuuute)... 

poor kid - he has a loose tooth & it was bothering him.
he was all happy one second & then got a twinge that really hurt him & : ( !

anywhoodle.  it was nice to have phil w/ us for lunch!  : )  on our way out, leyton asked for quarters to get some ninjas.  then i wanted a ninja!!  (the ninja did not get to come home w/ me because leyton wanted it, and well, why not? *grin*)  our ninjas were christmas colored - how appropriate!!  

then we decided we wanted more ninjas, so we gathered a few more quarters & leyton & i went back inside & got 7 more.  *laugh*  yes, we bought a total of 10 ninjas from that little machine!  

next, we headed to old navy so i could see if they had my shoes.  no dice.  but what they DID have was ... SANTA!  a very tall, very sweet santa w/ beautiful eyes, who i would very much like to get to know better - with or without the santa suit.  ; )  i sorta got the feeling i should know him, but i don't know anyone who works at old navy... but i would LIKE to...  *laugh* there were some t-shirts i was looking at that i might need to go back for on monday... (seriously, tho, can't life be a little bit like a romance novel & not just in the quirky meeting part, but some sort of follow thru?  *sigh*)  

okay, so!  leyton picked out a couple TMNT things for me to get for him there, so i did.  i'll hopefully get to take him to the JD store on tuesday to pick out his "big" gift.  after old navy, we went to monkey joe's.  well, mom & leyton did, and i took her car & went down to popcorn charlie's.  business was GOOD to them today - their shelves were BARE!  i did manage to get mom's mix & a small bag for me, but there weren't any of the flavors i wanted to get anthony, so i'll have to try back later.  also filled leyton's tin w/ caramel corn.  : )  then i went to walgreen's for a couple things & headed back to MJ's to pick up mom & leyton.  ohhh... i DID manage to squeeze in a visit to starbucks, as well.  ; )  that line was CRAZY today!  

we hung out at MJ's for a few more minutes & then headed to CFA for dinner.  also, the ninjas needed to have some sort of meeting... 

while at CFA, had a FB moment of - i know you, but i don't really know you - which was just funny.  kris has been at CFA forever, and we've been FB friends forever, and yet i'd never seen him at CFA til tonight.  (which is sorta ironic, because he'll be leaving there soon & starting at a different company more in his field soon.)  and i recognized him, but i didn't suddenly say, "kris!  hi!" because i'm apparently a dork.  and also idk if we've ever actually met... which is kinda funny, don'tchya think?  i know him, but don't know him.  or - rather - idk if he knows me.  or knows who i am?  like, in a general FB sense yes.  but in a real world sense?  idk.  if i had said, "kris!  hi!" would he have known who i am bc of FB photos?  (or, more likely, from recognizing leyton from FB posts, since i post pictures of him all the time!  LOL)  i sometimes forget that ppl might actually know who i am.  i just assume they don't.  

anywhoo.  *laugh*  does any of that make sense at all?  

i may be slightly nuts.  

so, after dinner, they dropped me off home & i got my mail & my books weren't there & i was sad.  :(  

and THEN when i got up to my door - my books had arrived!!!  

*happy dance*

so, to recap, today was beautifully blessed because i got to spend time w/ mom, leyton, and phil.  i ate yummy food.  i met an adorable Santa who made me smile.  i have books.

and, also, ninjas.  : ) 

i hope your saturday was just as blessed!!

(and also, seriously, if anyone knows who Santa is & he's single & in any way remembers fondly the slightly nutty gal who was looking for her peeps, give him my number!)  


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