Sunday, December 29, 2013

party central

yep, that's totally me.


i did have a fun Christmas w/ the family, tho.  went over to mom's for gifts (leyton's pile was the biggest, of course.  felt a little bad for anthony, but then again not because as a teen, his presents are CASH so they don't take up as much packaging!  LOL).  

that color was bothering me.  so was that one.  this one is better.  i could change the whole thing to this color, but then you would miss the whole evolution of color part... *laugh*  

anyway!  hung out at mom's for awhile & then we went to aunt sandy's church for the annual party w/ my dad's side of the fam.  uncle john & aunt debi were there, woot!  they live in KY, so it was nice to get to see & hug on them!  :)  my cousin georgine thought she left her phone at her mom's, so we took a little adventure trip to find it.  it wasn't there.  thankfully, when we returned to the church, it was sitting on the coat rack... so, a "futile" trip, but we got some bonding time in, so was it really futile?  i don't think so... :)  it was a really nice christmas.  :)  i'm just sad that i didn't take any pictures!  i just wasn't feeling like getting my phone out... 

most of my break has been spent READING.  shocker.  ; )   trish & i hung out today for brunch & shopping.  al joined us for brunch.  steeplegate has this really amazing brunch - all sorts of yummy options!  i stuck w/ breakfast foods - eggs, bacon, sausage & gravy, waffle... and a cream puff.  oh, and some hash.  that was yummy but salty.  everything else was perfection!  and the coffee ... YUM!  after we ate, trish & i went to BAM where i used my gc from phil.  so many books...!  i got a lora leigh & a couple jill shalvis & an amanda quick & a couple new authors.  woot!  then we went to the book rack & i found a couple laura adrians.  *happy dance*  and i have an order in to amazon for a few as well... *happier dance*  *laugh*  

ummm... what else?  i'm sure lots, but that's all i can think of.  it's now gotten COLD and supposed to snow all week.  so i did get groceries before i came home today.  needed coffee!  (and cat food...)  but i still want to go back to old navy & see if cute santa is still there - not in the santa suit, of course.  or maybe... *grin*  but i'm prepared to be semi-entrenched in the house ... 

back to work on thursday, so just 3 more days of break.  i'm so thankful for this time to recharge!!  praying that 2014 starts out BLESSED.

anyone got any plans for NYE?  more than just reading?  ; )  


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