Sunday, December 15, 2013

december 14th - a good day

saturday was a really good day!
the volunteering opportunity was lots of fun!  i was a the check in desk for volunteers, and i think i'm going to request that particular job for any other times i'm able to volunteer for a FIRST event.  i really love that part!!  there was also a very cute & funny guy ... *grin*  

i got quite a bit of christmas shopping done afterward.  bath & body works, the JD store, and then i decided to go to the book rack while i waited to meet mom for lunch.  i hadn't been to the book rack in a couple months, which is just crazy!  but i've been buying books from amazon & prior to my "break" i had been in there a couple times a week for a few months & wanted to give the books time to regen.  (that will make sense to you if you're a bookstore addict like me!)  i'm so glad i chose yesterday to go in!  i had a feeling i should go... 
so, there was an author there doing a signing, E.D. Martin.  i picked up a signed copy of her book, The Lone Wolf, and it looks good.  : )  i love supporting indie authors, local authors, big-name authors who have the personality of indie authors... you know, they sell thousands upon thousands of books, and are loved in many countries, but they're humble & nice & regular-ppl-like?  anyway, she was super nice & passionate about her book, and also had a really cool watch.  heh.  "it's just a cheap plastic watch," she said, but i liked it anyway!  : )  

oh, also, as a side note, when i walked in - even after not being there for a couple months - i was greeted w/ "hi carrie!"  and that made me feel warm & fuzzy & happy inside.  

AND i found a couple books by favored authors that i didn't have yet.  
also, i learned my lesson about picking up books from other favorite authors w/o the book that has my lists - i ended up buying one of JQ's that i already have... d'oh!  

i met mom for lunch at the new osaka, and it was DELISH!!  huge buffet line!  i was smart & got a plate of regular food & a plate of sushi, so that way i didn't have to go back up!  *laugh*  it was nice to have an opportunity to chat w/ mom, too.  she's still super stressed, but she was in a good mood & she & aunt jan & aunt janie (& aunt carol?  i assume all of them...) have set up a time to discuss some stuff, so that will be good.

i came home to a BIG BOX OF BOOKS!  i would insert a picture of them here, but for some reason my wonderful option of adding pictures from my phone is having issues... *pouty face*  ah well, anyway, i read Connected By the Sea for a bit & then headed over to phil's to hang out w/ leyton for a bit.  that way phil could get a few hours of sleep before work & mom could go to saturday service.  : )  leyton & i were mostly doing our own thing - i was reading & he was playing Guns & then football on his dad's phone.  heh.  i made him turn Guns down - those machine guns are loud!!  before i left, we did manage to play together a bit - he wanted to show me his fighting skills - that kid can PUNCH!  i wish i had the money (or any of us did) to get him into MA.  i know he'd love it!  but, he's in baseball & basketball & enjoys those, so i suppose he can't be in everything!  *laugh*  

when mom got home, i headed to CFA to meet jessica for dinner.  we had a great visit as always!  she is one of those ppl that i'm comfortable w/.  we don't get to see each other often, but when we do it's chat-chat-chat & there's no feeling of "haven't seen you in awhile what do we talk about?"  ya know?  that right there, kids, is a sign of a good friend!

however, by the end of the day i was EXHAUSTED (pleasantly so) & i ended up falling asleep w/ only like 10 pages of my book left!  it was a good day.  i needed a good day!!  : )  

today has been very relaxing & restful.  finished CBtS & read A Beautiful Wedding (such a perfect novella for fans of Beautiful Disaster & Walking Disaster!!) & now i'm going to read a bit of Text before heading over to trish's to hang out & watch our shows.  woot!  

i hope your weekend has been a good one, and that you have a beautiful monday!!  : )  



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