Monday, December 2, 2013

back to reality

it's so nice to have a loooong weekend!  i had so much fun hanging out w/ mom & phil & leyton, & trish, and READING!!  : )   but, today, it was back to work work work.  *laugh*  i am soooo grateful that i love my job!  today was quite insane, but even when i was frustrated, it was nice to share it w/ co-workers, get it out of my system, and figure out a polite way to respond to some of the massive email.  LOL  

i'm reading Rule by Jay Crownover right now & i'm LOVING it!  if the rest of the story is as good as the first 1/2, then i will certainly be getting the other books in the Marked Men series (Marked as in TATTOOS!  woot!  *laugh*  i may be a little wound up right now... LOL).  : )  i didn't want to go to bed last night from reading it.  i didn't want to leave my car after my book break.  and i ALMOST didn't get groceries after work cuz i just wanted to come home to READ!  *grin*  but, my desire for salad & milk overrode that for a bit, and i did go to the Target after work.  rah!  

when i got home, i decided to check my mail - since Remy came early, i figured the books that were supposed to arrive tomorrow might arrive today.  AND THEY DID!!!  *bounceclap*  *happy sigh*  

so!  now the groceries are put away, i ate some cheese on the way home so i'm no longer starving, and i think i'll read for a bit before deciding if i'm having sushi or salad for dinner.  :)  

how's everyone doing this monday???  


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