Sunday, November 3, 2013


yesterday, mom & leyton picked me up & we met phil at the theatre & saw Free Birds.
it was hilarious!!  
two thumbs up.  we all laughed quite a lot (including phil)!  
there were a couple bits i thought it could have done w/o, and a couple bits that seemed to be taken from the lion king (i'm HOPING that was on purpose...), but ... GEORGE TEKAI was steve!  win!  : ) 

after the movie, phil went back home to sleep, while mom, leyton & i enjoyed lunch at the red robin.
YUM! ; ) 

then we ran some errands - video store, and went to sam's, where mom ran in to get a few things & leyton & i stayed in the car to play.  we stopped at starbucks & mom put some $$ on my card as part of Carriepalooza.  : )  woot!  
they dropped me off at home around 3 & i spent a couple hours reading (Highland Wolf by Hannah Howell - finished it today & it was quite good!).
i went over to mom's around 6 to play some games.
i didn't win any, but it was good times!!  : ) 

sign for the number 6? (thanks, katie!  ;))

last night was daylight savings, FALL BACK, my favorite!  
i was pretty exhausted, tho, and went to bed early.  
since i changed the clocks before i went to bed, it appeared that i went to sleep around NINE!  
yeah, crazy!  

today i was all set to run to the bux & then snuggle in w/ my book.
however, when i tried to leave... 
this is not supposed to happen during Carriepalooza!  
trish & al came over to generously fix it w/ a tire seal "fix a flat" kinda thing.
unfortunately, the nozzel on the canister was broken, and it wasn't able to get into the tire to fix anything!  boo!  but it was super sweet of them to try!!  : )  
so, i talked it over w/ mom, and was going to text phil but he was sleeping (3rd shift, you know) & i didn't want to bug him, since he'd missed out on sleep yesterday to meet us for the movie!  instead, i decided (with mom's help) to take this opportunity to just get 4 new shoes put on chloe.  called firestone & they sent a tow truck out.  very handsome tow truck operator!  : )  he took chloe & mom & leyton picked me up for lunch at steak & shake.  S&S is pretty good, but not as delicious as the red robin!!!  
still, had fun playing army guys w/ leyton while we waited for our food.  : )  

we took leyton to jen's & then mom dropped me off at firestone & i settled in w/ my book, Werewolf in the North Woods by VLT.  pretty good story, which i finished just a bit ago.  it annoyed me, too, tho, which is a bummer.  i don't like being annoyed!  *laugh*  my wait for chloe was about 2 hours.  this would have been GREAT, if the chairs had been even a little comfortable.  *sigh*  as it was, i felt every minute of that wait!  UGH!  i wasn't even reading as fast as normal cuz i couldn't concentrate because of the stupid chair!!

once chloe was ready, i paid the nice man at the front desk & booked it over to the bux!!  and TJ's for dinner because i was soooo hungry!  *luagh*  hung out at home for a bit, watched an episode of Castle, read, and then went to trish's around 6 for OUAT & Revenge.  SO GOOD!!  : )  

and now i must get to bed!  this weekend was not as relaxing as i'd hoped, but it was fun & got to see lots of leyton, and that is always a blessing!!  

i hope your weekend was FANTABULOUS and that all of our mondays will go well!!!  : )  


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