Saturday, November 16, 2013

mine! mine! mine!

today was fantastically fun!  
carriepalooza day 16 gets two thumbs up!

last night for some reason i was falling asleep by like 8 o'clock.  it could have been the extra 1/2 hour early i got up to take bret to work... i couldn't adjust my schedule yesterday because i'd planned to go to lunch w/ a couple friends & then take the afternoon off, and if i came in at 7 instead of 6:30, that would mean we either couldn't leave for lunch until noon (which would screw up THEIR schedules, and i didn't want that) or i'd have to take another hour of vacation, and i'm already down to like 12 hours left til may... LOL  but having a 4 1/2 day weekend off for my birthday is totally worth it!  : )  
lunch was full of fun & laughter & delicious enchiladas & chips & salsa.  *laugh*  
oh, and also yesterday my team gave me a birthday card where several ppl wished me a happy Carriepalooza, AND my friend marty gave me a gc to WM. 
: ) 

after lunch, i got some groceries & picked up a couple books (Julia Quinn's The Sum of All Kisses - yay!! - and Cora Carmack's Finding it - which, as it turned out, was a signed first edition!  i had no idea until i started reading it, because the target sticker was over the golden sticker that let me know it was a signed first edition... LOL  so, that makes TWO signed books that are unexpectedly in my collection.
LOVE IT!  (and i read Finding It today & i LOVED that, too!)

anyway, so last night i was in bed before 10, and i wasn't even sick!  
that meant that i was up pretty early today, altho i did manage to get about 9 hours of sleep, so that was pretty cool.  : ) 

i finished Naked Dragon & started Finding It & then wondered & wished at 11:11 that i'd figure out lunch & not TWO SECONDS LATER mom called to see if i wanted to go shopping & to lunch w/ her.  LOL  awesome!  so, she picked me up around noon & we went to texas roadhouse for fried pickles & steak.  YUM!  adam, our waiter, was very helpful & managed to find me a romaine-only salad, which i was very grateful for!  : )  
then we went to Bed Bath & Beyond so mom could buy herself a keurig, because i love the one she got me last year for christmas so much that she needed one.  *grin*  i don't go into that store a lot, because it has all of the things i want to buy & don't need (more dishes!  pillows!  blankets!!!!!  fun kitchen gadgets!) & it is SUPER TEMPTING to me!  i'm lucky i got out of there spending only $15... heh!  
we stopped at starbucks & mom was quite shocked that i'd already used up her carriepalooza gift of adding to my card a couple weeks ago.  she thought for sure it would last the month at least.  
she obviously did not fully understand my obsession w/ the bux and all things coffee before today.
her reaction made me think perhaps i should be embarrassed by the amount of coffee i drink, but that was as far as it got - i thought about being embarrassed, but i'm not embarrassed... make sense?  

after the bux, we went to cost cutters so mom could get a new 'do & i read while waiting.  
win win!  

phil & leyton came over later to pick up the coffee basket thing i'd forgotten to give mom when she dropped me off.  so, i got to give hugs & kisses to my munchkin today, too, unexpectedly!  that was super nice!!

five of my ordered books came to make my mailbox happy:

now the dilemma of what to read next - i've been anticipating almost all of these for what feels like forever (but has probably only been a couple months or weeks?  LOL)!  
i think the most likely scenario when i venture into my library to pick is going to be Mine by Katy Evans, because Remy has been calling the loudest lately.  *laugh*  

what're y'all up to this weekend??

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