Thursday, November 14, 2013

Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover (and other carriepalooza things)

okay, so, first of all - Losing Hope.  this book!!!  ripped my heart out.  seeyabyegone!  it's book 2.  i'm reading this one all out of order, but they're all stand alones, just have an order.  *laugh*  Finding Cinderella was book 3, a novella.  i flippin LOVED the story of daniel & six so much.  tugged at my heart, made me laugh & shed some tears, but not the sobbing ugly cry.  oh now, that was reserved for this one.  EMOTIONAL!  but brilliantly done, and i'm sure i'll read Hopeless (i don't have it yet) even tho it's the same journey.  i prefer when the same journey is in the same book (like The Edge of Never) but i do love getting both sides of the story even if i have to wait for a 2nd book.  : )  

after all that emotional heaviness, i needed something light, so i did a re-read of Traci on the Spot by Marie Ferrarella, which is a book i've had for about ... *gasp* ... 16 years... wow!  anyway, it's a light, quick read, and now i may be ready to tackle another emotional read.  *laugh*  except i kinda want to do another re-read, but i won't say which until i decide if that's the route i'm going!  : )  

amazon has been sending me emails & my recent book orders have been shipping piecemeal, so i should get a few of them on saturday & then a few next week, and then a few more the following week... heh.  and then i've sort of lost track of some of the ones i've pre-ordered.  i think a couple come out the end of november, maybe one the first week in december, and then a few in january & february.  i may also have pre-ordered one that comes out in march... that might be the fourth Anemoi by laura kaye...?  anywhoo, and you know i'll be ordering more... LOL  books, boys & coffee!  one group of books is a gift from cousin kathy.  i'll post pictures when i get the shipments.  cuz you know you love to see the covers as much as i do!  right?!  

the other day was pretty cool - we had a meeting & i got to see mr crushtastic.  : )  didn't get to talk to him, tho.  *sadface*  but all in all, carriepalooza has been a very blessed thing this month, and i'm quite thankful!!   one of my baking pals brought me pumpkin bars the other day, too.  i also ordered some zucchini bread from her.  yummy!!  

i've decided that i'm starting my actual birthday weekend early & am taking vacation after lunch w/ friends.  : )  then i don't go back to work til WEDNESDAY!  *bounce*  and the following week is THANKSGIVING, so huzzah to that as well!!  *happy dance*

what else?  birthday cards in the mail today.  one from my dear bug & her family contained ...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!  and yes, i probably will wear them all just like that for as long as i can.  i like the look.  i may decide later to color coordinate, but i've worn bret's since he gave it to me & it hasn't bothered me to have it on all the time, so we'll see!  : )  

ummm... that might be all for now!  idk what book i'm reading next.  ttfn!

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