Friday, November 1, 2013


- honey crisp apples
oh my flippin heck, you guys!!  these apples are the bomb!  why are there even any other apples, ever?  
i just want to suck out the marrow of deliciousness.



so, wednesday i apparently had some sort of stomach bug?  it was unpleasant.
i made it til about 10 at work & then i came home & went to bed.
took a 2 hour nap, then got up & tried to read.
i was reading this really awesome, amazing book by kemmie michaels, Unlikely Hero.  it was marvelously sweet!  
i hadn't eaten much of anything since the breakfast yogurt at 6:30/7, and i was hungry but hadn't been to the store as that had been the plan for after work.  so i called in an order of pad thai, because that seemed like my best (mild) option that would deliver!  
it arrived around 7 & i ate maybe 5 or 6 bites before fridging it.  
then i snuggled back into my book, but i couldn't keep my eyes open!  
i had 10 pages left (TEN PAGES!!) & i was falling asleep on the couch, so i closed the book & went to bed, and slept for 12 hours.
it was 7:42pm.

very grateful i already had thursday off.
i was feeling much better, but my tummy was still sore, so i stayed in.  well, mostly - i did go to panera for breakfast since i still didn't have any food & i only had one coffee left & knew i would need that before leaving friday.  : )  

i finished Unlikely Hero (*swoon* sooooo sweet!  marcus & erin's relationship starts out as shared journal entries.  LOVE IT!) & posted pictures of daddy on FB & had my usual halloween remembrance of him wallow/celebration (because that's what you do or at least that's what i do) & decided to read a vampire book because it was halloween, so i read laura adrian's Kiss of Midnight, which was a really good story, but lucan & gabrielle weren't really in the same space a lot, so it made it hard for me to get into their whole love story thing.  
and then i started More Than This by jay mclean & WOW!  
i'm almost done, will finish tonight, and it's AMAZEBALLS!  totally recommend it!  it's had me LOLing, snortling, sniffling, hugging myself, awwwwing... it's all kindsa good story telling, even if there is a LOT of the f word and also - these kids are a liiiiittle too familiar w/ alcohol & sex.  goodness!  


today it was back to work & of course my email box had blown up while i was out & i spent an hour working on that before my FOUR HOUR MEETING at 7:30.
but guess who i got to sit next to for the whole thing?
come on, guess?!  : )  
i even got to walk out w/ him & chat at the break time & at the end of the meeting.
*happy dance*
i know it's hard for ppl to understand, since i do crush on him pretty hard, but it really does make me happy just to have that little contact, or to chat w/ him on IM every once in awhile.
i know it's not going anywhere, i've accepted that and enjoy being in his friendly presence when i can.

i also got a side hug from our director.  
: )  
goooood morning!!

then, it was time for our team lunch at a little cafe that does wraps & stuff, AND they serve a side of cream cheese & ham wrapped pickle w/ the meal.  YUMMY!  
it was a very nice lunch, and because today is day one of carriepalooza, i ordered a mini carrot cake cupcake to go.
it was delicious.
i ate it at like 2 o'clock.  heh.

i spent the last two hours catching up w/ more emails & timecard stuff & vacation stuff.
it was also a goooood afternoon!

after work, i finally went to the WM for some groceries, and thankfully i mostly remembered that i only had whatever cash i had on me cuz i'm outta checks.  i had $70 & my bill came to $68 something.  

now, back to my book!
tomorrow i'm going to see Free Birds w/ mom & leyton.

what's up for you this weekend?  : )  


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