Saturday, November 9, 2013

carriepalooza day 9 - with pictures!

i'm very blessed to have the family & friends that i do.
i love them!

: ) 

i spent today burrowed with Love Unscripted - it's very long, but VERY good!!  

around 5 there was a knock on my door - it was the mail carrier, delivering a surprise package from my cousin kathy!!  : )  she is SUPER SWEET!
(photos of most of the gift)

love this quote!  

seriously, how flipping cute is all of that???  *bounceclap*
BIG THANK YOU to kathy!!!  : )  

after i opened that and gushed at kathy on FB, i headed over to mom's to hang out for a bit.
we played yahtzee & hungry hungry hippo, and then leyton & i played some catch.  

he also told me he loves me about 20 times.  
i can never get enough of hearing THAT!  

a beautifully brilliant day 9, i tell ya!  

oh, and before i go to bed - because i'm falling asleep so it seems like a good idea! - i had to take a picture of leyton's school picture.... : ) 

one of my favorite shirts, AND HOW CUTE ARE HIS GLASSES?!?!
<3 <3 <3 


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