Friday, October 11, 2013

wish(list)ing and wonder(land)ing

this week felt especially long.  there was a lot going on at work - i'm getting a new supervisor (who hasn't been hired yet) & moving to a new team.  i'll still have the same manager (which is good cuz she's AWESOME) but i'll miss my current supervisor (cuz she's also AWESOME).  but, i'm confident in the Lord's blessings, and in His guiding hand with my manager choosing the right person.  i'm not entirely sure who made the decision that my job aligns more w/ the new group than my current group, but i'll give it a shot!  *laugh*  on the one hand, i hope i don't have to move desks, because i really like my spot by the windows.  however, if i moved to the other side, there's a window back there... and also mr crushtastic sits back there... LOL

i've been quickly running through my vacation this year, and planned to work all this week.  but yesterday i took 3 hours off.  : ) i have halloween & two days for my birthday scheduled off, and after that i'll only have 3 days left to last me through May.  d'oh!  i'll have to do some planning for the 5 months of the new year... *laugh*  the good thing is that i like to take vacation in 2-3 hour increments if i don't have plans necessitating a full day (which at the moment i do not), so 24 hours could be okay for 5 months... heh.  i'll have to see how many weeks that is & work out the vacation time.  i can't plan all of it - there are days i just need time, ya know?!  

this week was also customer service week, which translated to lots of treats for us by management.  there was a day of cheese & crackers & fruit; a day of cake; a day of treats homemade by the management group.  that was today.  someone made brownies w/ chocolate chips.  omh!  delish!  they really did a great job of showing their appreciation.  :)  

in book news, i was feeling the re-read.  jake & aubrey from battlescars and remy & brooke from Real were calling to me after my amanda ashley, Immortal Sins (which was really enjoyable!).  re-reads are an interesting thing for sure!  some of the things that didn't bother me the first time in battlescars bothered me, which i was mostly able to ignore the typos that bothered me the first time.  *laugh*  and i was able to safely skip the over abundance of sex in Real this time around.  and in doing that, i realized there were really only two scenes (i think) that i skipped because they went on for flippin ever and honestly, WE GET IT!  oye.  *laugh*  there really is a balance when writing sex scenes.  but i felt like i knew remy better this time around, and was able to not be as annoyed w/ brooke... and i am REALLY looking forward to MINE, which is the 2nd book & comes out in november.  actually, i believe REMY also comes out in november.  yay!

after finishing Real, i decided i needed a little break, so i watched the first two eps of this season of Glee, and the premiere episode of OUAT in Wonderland - looks like it is going to be really good!  and cute boys!  : )  and Glee... oh, i remember why i love this show!!  :D  i couldn't watch this week's yet, which is the tribute ep to Finn/Cory Monteith... *sigh*  poor cory... 

next book is lindy's Safe and Sound.  it looks like it could be emotionally draining... 

ummm... idk what else!  tired!  i'm going to start the book & then hit the hay.  my plans for the weekend are to pretty much stay in & read.  : )  and continue wishlisting... i have 8 books in my amazon cart, but some of them are pre-orders.  i figure i might as well pre-order them as part of my current order to take advantage of the free shipping.  woot!  i need to make a schedule of what's releasing when so i know when to look out for the mail!  of course, amazon emails me when stuff ships... 

anywhoo!  : )  i have so many authors on my fb now, and i've been wishlisting so many books... i think i have 5 or 6 pages now.  *laugh*  plus i keep entering contests to win autographed books.  haven't been picked yet, but i keep entering!  : )  i did win a $25 gift card at work the other day.  they're mailing it to me.  books & coffee, hooray!  

what're ya'll up to this weekend??


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