Friday, October 4, 2013


i took wednesday afternoon off & figured that would be it for my week, but as i was in a meeting this morning, i got a case of the "fridays" & asked if i could take off this afternoon as well.  :)  

the meeting went really well.  i think we got some good things figured out to at least start getting some things going.  that would be amaaaazing if it works!!  : )  i also had some warm fuzzy emails from both my bosses as they complimented me on the way i handled a timecard situation.  GOD IS GOOD!!!  i pray for wisdom & knowledge at work, to be able to help ppl w/ stuff, and He delivers!  it is ALL HIM.  so blessed!  : )  

after work, i went to the target to get a salad & Walking Disaster & a starbucks.  : )  cute bakery guy made the coffee, so that was a bonus!  heh.  i'm still reading Tall, Tatted and Tempting and SSS before i start Walking Disaster.  last night i took a chance on a free e-book & oh my heck what a waste of two hours of my life.  ugh!  it was awful.  i skipped like the whole middle, and it was like i hadn't missed anything in the story at all.  meh.  anyway.  i have another free e-book on here that i'll give a shot, and i do still have the mackenzie christmas on here as well, but i don't see it becoming a thing.  even the mackenzie book, which i am really enjoying, i'm not enjoying as much as if it were in book format.  meh.  anyway!!!  *laugh*  

oh, wednesday... Beautiful Disaster was AMAZING!  idk why i waited so long to read it.  i'm hoping Walking Disaster is as good - i am really looking forward to travis's POV.  i wish both had been in one book, tho.  i LOVE the alternating first person POV (which is in TTT, SSS, The Edge of Never, and quite a few other books i've read recently)!!  it's quickly become my favorite way to tell a story.  so, i was feeling better & then i met erin for dinner & that was fun!  we went to arthur's deli (YUM) and she told me some GH & boyfriend stories & i did a lot of listening.  Doc was in the house!  *laugh*  i really did come by that nickname honestly... and it was a nice visit, but it did make me a little sad, too.  *shrug*  lots of reasons, and i know i'm pretty open here - probably sharing more things that y'all want to know sometimes! - but for right now anyway, this one's staying with me.  


i hope you're all having a fabulous friday!


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