Tuesday, October 8, 2013

pretty good day.  coffee.  fall weather.  5fdp.  90's music.  leftover breakfast pizza from yesterday's celebration.

and i got to hang out w/ leyton!  : )  
he ate crackers & snuggled a bit w/ me.
and also didn't feel like wearing a shirt.
nice spidey tat, right?  ; )  

i finished Immortal Sins by Amanda Ashley - really different story in that there are ppl trapped in a painting for part of the book!  eep!  i enjoyed it a lot, altho it didn't have as much dialogue/interaction between hero & heroine as i like to see.  still, i liked it!

next is a Battlescars re-read.  despite the typo issue, jake is calling to me, and how can i resist?
my plan is:
Safe and Sound by Lindy Zart
re-read of Lindy's Take Care, Sara

safe and sound seems like it might be an emotional wringer, so there might be a recovery book in between there.  

tomorrow we're having cheese & fruit & crackers & such as part of customer service week.
if you know me at all, you know that i am TOTALLY stoked about the cheese!  : )  

what else?  idk!  it's 10:30 & i should be getting to bed soon.
will i start battlescars before i sleep?  
possibly... ; )  

perhaps i'll dream of this:

; ) 


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