Monday, October 14, 2013

of being sick and booky things

(this first part is about my period.  you can skip it if  you want.  the rest of the post will be in blue.  :) ) 
so - my body was on this schedule for quite a long time, and it was very helpful to me.  i could plan out my bad days, and while they didn't always happen on a weekend, for a bit it just so happened that they were.  while i missed hanging out w/ family & whatnot, having the bad days on the weekend was just better for everyone.  i didn't miss work, i didn't feel behind, etc., etc.  

then, all of a sudden a couple months ago, the bad days came earlier.  i was like, huh, okay.  then, this month, it's like even 3 days earlier than that.  and while i can tell when it's coming & knew it would probably be today/tomorrow, i was still kinda hoping that it would just hold off til the weekend.  i even got up & dressed & 1/2 way to work this morning!  i was in total denial.  but then i remembered last month & how i got all the way to work & even went IN & then had to turn right back around & come home, and i wised up & called in on my way back home.  ugh.  and it's looking like this was only "mildly bad day" and tomorrow might see me home again.  UGH.  

however, as i've pointed out before, this - while super annoying and inconvenient - is still WAY BETTER than it was before, and as i am pretty sure the only ways to actually stop it are pregnancy (ha!), menopause (erm... probably still too early) or adjusting my meds (mehh... i don't really want to go through find out that it gets WORSE again w/ the changing of the meds)... i just will continue to suck it up & occasionally complain about it in a hopefully mild fashion.  


okay, if you were skipping that top part, you can come back now.  

so, since i was home today, not really moving much, i read quite a bit.  i finished The Cursed by Alyssa Day (totally sounds dark, but it was actually a light, fun, and fabulous read!!); read Colleen Hoover's Finding Cinderella, which was a FREE e-book she wrote & published specifically as a "thank-you" to her fans.  i'd never read anything by her, but all of her books look really good - just super angsty, and i'm not always sure about angsty books.  however, after reading this one, which i LOVED, i'll be adding Hopeless and Losing Hope to my next round of book-buying.  after that, i had a difficult time picking my next book.  i finally perfected my next group of amazon books, and hit "checkout" and so of course then i wanted them all to magically appear on my doorstep so i could start reading THOSE.  *laugh*  knowing that wasn't going to happen, i perused my library for my next read.  

i'd been wanting to read Julie Anne Long's first Pennyroyal Green book for awhile, so i started The Perils of Pleasure.  *sigh*  i just couldn't get into it & ended up skipping around in it til i finally gave in & read the end.  now, i LOVED the first JAL PG book that i read this summer - It Happened One Midnight.  it was fabulous & i got right into it from page 1 & didn't even want to put it down, even tho i was in omaha visiting joy & her family & so had lots of plans w/ them!  JAL is a really great writer!!  but this book, it just didn't do it for me.  i'm glad i read IHOM first, because otherwise i'm not sure i would have given the other books a chance.  the problem for me was that for nearly all of the book, our hero thinks himself in love w/ someone else.  and that kind of thing annoys me.  it distracts me from being able to really connect w/ the story of the H/h who are supposed to be falling in love w/ each other, ya know?  there are times when a "triangle" isn't really a triangle, like in Take Care, Sara or SSS - there's a "third" person, but you know that third person isn't really a threat for some reason or another.  idk how to explain it!  there's a story (2 books) by Abbi Glines that intrigued me (The Vincent Boys/The Vincent Brothers), and i have the first one, but i haven't read it yet because of the whole triangle, angle.  *laugh*  ugh.  idk!!!  idk why they even intrigued me at the time and now the synopsis annoys me.  idk again!

anyway!  so, while i wait for my shipment of MMA/fighter & With Me in Seattle series books, i've decided to shoot back over to my paranormal section & read In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell.  judi wrote some really cute & fun genie books that i like, and while i've never been a fan of merpeople, this series looks good.  and, to be fair, i haven't seen a lot of merpeople stories, so i guess we'll find out if i'm a fan or not!  i am a fan of judi's, regardless!!  : )  

and thus concludes the booky portion of my post.

and with that, sleep!  or something.  


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