Wednesday, October 2, 2013


so, today's a weird day.  i was feeling snarky & meh & sad & idk what today, but my head wasn't really in the game, so i decided to take some vacation for the afternoon.  i got groceries at the target & a coffee & i am feeling better now that i'm sitting home ready to curl into my book for a few hours.  i have dinner plans w/ erin, too.  yay!  hopefully this little bit of "me time" will get rid of the snark beast completely... oye.  

i was going to read a hannah howell highlander, but i wasn't really feeling in the mood for it, and i hadn't started it yet, and i didn't want to do it an injustice by reading it in my snarky state.  so, i picked up Beautiful Disaster while i was at the target & i'll read that.  it seems like it might be able to kick the snark out.  we'll see!

just thought i'd share.  *laugh*  i also might be hungry, so perhaps some turkey sticks & cheese will help.  along w/ the coffee.  ; ) 


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