Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a time to be random

there have been so many things i've wanted to write about lately, but they flutter about in my mind for awhile & then i open the computer & get lost in stories rather than writing.  i've just been more about reading than writing.  or watching.  i was doing really well there for a couple weeks, keeping up w/ my shows (Castle, Undercover Boss, SHIELD, Wonderland...) but then i got caught up in the stories again & so... 

i did manage to watch last week's OUAT & Revenge in time to go to trish's this week - but i only did that so i could fill trish in on what was going on!  *laugh*  

i met my friend kris for dinner monday night & my friend shelley for dinner last night & was supposed to meet trish for dinner tonight, but i sorta made more plans than the budget would allow!  d'oh!  i sorta got used to having unlimited funds for a time there, which was a super big blessing & i'm grateful for it!  but the funds were not actually unlimited, of course, and so now i need to reign back in for a few months!  heh.  it's HARD!  

today was very nice.  mr c & i were rounding the same corner from opposite directions this morning & almost took each other out.  *laugh*  (phrasing... i would LIKE him to take me out, but like, on a date.  LOL)  now, i had JUST been thinking that i hadn't seen him in awhile & i hope he was doing okay & whatnot.  then last night shelley was trying to get me to be more forward w/ him (that's just not me!  ugh!) but i was thinking, "no, really, that ship has sailed.  i thought at one point he might be interested, but now i think i was mistaken.  he's just super polite & friendly even if he's shy.  kinda like me."  and then today *poof* there he is!  

God, what're you doin' to me?!  

and THEN!

so, we have this class that everyone has to take, and they'd scheduled me to take it on Halloween, which of course is not happening because i take Halloween off every year in honor of Daddy.  my bosses said i could talk to the schedulers & get my time changed to friday's class.  so i did, but then they weren't able to send me the meeting notice.  so i checked & noticed that mr c wasn't in the thursday class.

i IM'd him to see if he was in the friday class (he is) and if he would forward me the meeting notice so i could put it on my calendar (he did) and then we just did our normal (seemingly quarterly) IM chat about randomness.  he just makes me smile, and i think i make him smile, but of course not quite the same way, and i wish i did, but if wishes were horses i'd have a stable.  so ... 

shelley has horses.  *laugh*  just thought i'd share.

so!!  it was a SUPER NICE morning, and then i decided to take off at noon.  well, actually, i'd decided i was taking off at noon when i got in this morning.  : )  

reading: Come Away With Me (again)
Fight With Me should be in my mailbox today... : ) 
drinking: coffee
mood: chill


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