Thursday, October 17, 2013

a day like today

after being sick this week, today was quite a blessing.  i felt more like ME.  started the day w/ an odd combination for breakfast - i opted to laze about in bed for 10 minutes rather than worrying about fixing something, so i just grabbed a couple bites of donut, a piece of sushi that wouldn't quite fit in my container i was packing to bring to work for a snack, a couple pulls of OJ, and of course a cup of coffee.  then i got more coffee from the bux on my way to work, and ate some grapefruit when i got to work.  (a couple ppl found it gross, but it worked for me in a pinch!)

it was a bit of a disjointed day at work.  i accomplished quite a lot, and "met" my new timecard tech guru, who is replacing the gentleman who recently passed away.  we had a nice chat, and i am hopeful that he'll get the hang of things fairly quickly.  he's a good guy, from what i know of him!  i had a couple meetings - one w/ my supervisor & one w/ the co-lead of a new committee i'm on.  i find myself on a lot of enrichment committees lately... i likey!  ;)  it's super fun to be part of making the office lighter, helping employees & management be more engaged, and hopefully supporting favor in the company!  my POV is that if ppl are happy where they work, they will put forth their best effort for their area, which in turn helps the company... ya know?  : )  

got to have happy joe's for lunch w/ a few friends - that place was PACKED today because it was "bring your kid to lunch day" or something like that!  this meant we had to wait a little bit for pizzas when we got there, but also that there were LOTS of yummy pizza choices on the buffet, and FRESH!  i call that a win... 

in book news, i have been reading Judi Fennell's Mer series.  finished book 2, Wild Blue Under & next is the final one, Catch of a Lifetime.  after that will be a re-read of something, but i haven't decided what yet.  i have been wanting to re-read Take Care, Sara, but it seriously is SO emotional, i'm not sure i'm ready yet.  and it deals w/ some things that - this month - i don't think i want to read.  so, it WILL be re-read, because lincoln & sara are calling to me, but i don't think it will be this month.  my most recent amazon order of 7 books should arrive sometime next week, and then i will be devouring those!  *laugh*  i do need to exercise a little patience, as my aunt vickie says, because they're still in 'ordered' status & haven't shipped yet, and i just want them to SHIIIIIP!  :D  heh.  oh, and i went ahead & pre-ordered Remy & Raw, because Remy's price dropped like $2 & it releases right before thanksgiving & ... yeah.  :)  

what else?  so happy tomorrow is friday & i'm ready for the weekend!!  this week has been exhausting, of course!  not feeling well will drain it right outta ya, ya know?  

did you know Pandora has a ballet music station?  LOVE IT!  i'll stick to my shinedown, 5fdp, metallica, nickleback, stone sour, sick puppies, etc. for work, but right now i am sooooo enjoying this classical music!!  

well, i guess that is what i wanted to share about a day like today.  :)  now i'm off to ZZZZ land!  have a blessed evening & FRIDAY!  


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