Saturday, October 12, 2013

3 book saturday

i finished Safe and Sound (HEART WRENCHING and then heart warming and then awesome sauce!), read Stygian's Honor (typical Lora Leigh Breed story - sweet & super alpha male & interesting storyline & too much repetitive sex, highly enjoyable story), and then needed Cam so now i'm re-reading Wait For You.  : )  

it's so funny how i get into moods where i want to re-read things.  i mean, i always have times where there is A character or book calling to me (Wren, Acheron, Nykyrian and Lucian from Unleash The Night, Acheron, Born of Night and Bite Me If You Can)(3/4 of those are sherri's!  LOL).  rarely has it happened so soon after reading a story for the first time, however, and lately it's happening all. The. Time.  David from Lick.  Jake from Battlescars.  Remy from Real.  Cam from Wait For You.  Lincoln & Sara have been calling, as well, and were going to be my next read after Safe and Sound, but then i read a snippet of Trust In Me (which is WFY in Cam's POV) & idk when i'll get to read that (it comes out digitally soonish, but idk if it will be in paperback...) and i needed some cam time.  LOL  

i know it all sounds insane sometimes, if you're not a reader reader.  but i guess we all have our quirks, and i quite like mine!  :D  

got to hang out w/ leyton a bit tonight, which was nice!  he's getting really annoyed by his post-surgery restrictions.  he's such a boy!  (shut up, i know it's a sexist remark.  i don't care.  you should know by now that i'm sexist sometimes and perfectly okay w/ that, too.)  

i was going to watch SHIELD today, but read instead.  maybe tomorrow... 

i was ready to go to bed at 8:30, but i'm forcing myself to stay up til at least 10.  *sigh*  

ummm... *laugh*  

there was something else... idk what it was... bother.  ah well.  ttfn!!  : )   

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