Sunday, October 27, 2013


this is my 100th post at this blog.  
i feel like it should be a celebratory post or something special, but i don't really have anything particularly celebratory or special to say, so ... here ya go!  

Fight With Me and More Than This arrived thursday.
Play With Me, Worth The Fight, Defying the Odds, Unlikely Hero, and Restore My Heart were delivered late friday.
: ) 
i liked FWM even more than Come Away With Me, but then i read Play With Me, and i think it's my favorite of that series so far.  it was, as the title might suggest, playful.  they're all super alpha and yet super sweet, but i think that one seemed to have more ... depth or something.  idk.  before i bought it, there was one reviewer who took exception to a certain scene (will sets up a security system in meg's house after they've only just met), but it was one of MY favorites (because he explains his reasoning - he's not being a controlling a-hole, he just sees their relationship as a lasting thing, and worries that as it progresses, his crazy stalker fans could try to hurt her).  so, perspective?  *laugh*  

yesterday i got to hang out w/ mom for a bit.  we went to breakfast at IHOP & talked about things that have been going on w/ grammy & the aunts.  it's looking like a nursing home is going to be the best place for grammy pretty soon.  she really does need 24 hour care, and it's putting a strain on mom & the aunts.  and if they're strained, i'm sure it's not the best for grammy!  ya know?  as much as they all want her to be able to stay home, from everything i've heard/seen... i just don't think that's what's best for anyone anymore.  
she will be 99 (almost 100!) on november 8th.  
she always said she wanted to make it to 100, but idk that she would want to hang out another year as she is now, when she could be footloose & fancy free w/ the Lord... 

i'm hoping to get over to see her next week.  i want to look through pictures with her.  :)  

after breakfast, we went to sam's - i do love sam's!  mom kindly bought me a cheese tray.  i forgot to get sausage, tho - i've been on a breakfast for dinner kick lately, and am loving a waffle, sausage over-easy egg combo.  mmmm.  (i had a maple sausage, egg & cheese biscuit for breakfast, but that was HOURS ago!  *laugh*)  it was just nice to hang out w/ her for a bit after not seeing her for like a week or more!!

tonight i get to hang out w/ trish for our sunday tv viewing.  yay!!  

until then, i will be reading Worth The Fight.  i hope it's as good as it looks - it's one that i've been really looking forward to for weeks!!  
(it's so hard to believe that i've only been into the NA/rock star/fighter books since june.  i've read so many in that timeframe, it's like i'm devouring them!  *laugh*  and my wishlist is still 7 pages long & growing!)

what fun have you been up to this weekend?


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