Sunday, October 27, 2013


this is my 100th post at this blog.  
i feel like it should be a celebratory post or something special, but i don't really have anything particularly celebratory or special to say, so ... here ya go!  

Fight With Me and More Than This arrived thursday.
Play With Me, Worth The Fight, Defying the Odds, Unlikely Hero, and Restore My Heart were delivered late friday.
: ) 
i liked FWM even more than Come Away With Me, but then i read Play With Me, and i think it's my favorite of that series so far.  it was, as the title might suggest, playful.  they're all super alpha and yet super sweet, but i think that one seemed to have more ... depth or something.  idk.  before i bought it, there was one reviewer who took exception to a certain scene (will sets up a security system in meg's house after they've only just met), but it was one of MY favorites (because he explains his reasoning - he's not being a controlling a-hole, he just sees their relationship as a lasting thing, and worries that as it progresses, his crazy stalker fans could try to hurt her).  so, perspective?  *laugh*  

yesterday i got to hang out w/ mom for a bit.  we went to breakfast at IHOP & talked about things that have been going on w/ grammy & the aunts.  it's looking like a nursing home is going to be the best place for grammy pretty soon.  she really does need 24 hour care, and it's putting a strain on mom & the aunts.  and if they're strained, i'm sure it's not the best for grammy!  ya know?  as much as they all want her to be able to stay home, from everything i've heard/seen... i just don't think that's what's best for anyone anymore.  
she will be 99 (almost 100!) on november 8th.  
she always said she wanted to make it to 100, but idk that she would want to hang out another year as she is now, when she could be footloose & fancy free w/ the Lord... 

i'm hoping to get over to see her next week.  i want to look through pictures with her.  :)  

after breakfast, we went to sam's - i do love sam's!  mom kindly bought me a cheese tray.  i forgot to get sausage, tho - i've been on a breakfast for dinner kick lately, and am loving a waffle, sausage over-easy egg combo.  mmmm.  (i had a maple sausage, egg & cheese biscuit for breakfast, but that was HOURS ago!  *laugh*)  it was just nice to hang out w/ her for a bit after not seeing her for like a week or more!!

tonight i get to hang out w/ trish for our sunday tv viewing.  yay!!  

until then, i will be reading Worth The Fight.  i hope it's as good as it looks - it's one that i've been really looking forward to for weeks!!  
(it's so hard to believe that i've only been into the NA/rock star/fighter books since june.  i've read so many in that timeframe, it's like i'm devouring them!  *laugh*  and my wishlist is still 7 pages long & growing!)

what fun have you been up to this weekend?


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a time to be random

there have been so many things i've wanted to write about lately, but they flutter about in my mind for awhile & then i open the computer & get lost in stories rather than writing.  i've just been more about reading than writing.  or watching.  i was doing really well there for a couple weeks, keeping up w/ my shows (Castle, Undercover Boss, SHIELD, Wonderland...) but then i got caught up in the stories again & so... 

i did manage to watch last week's OUAT & Revenge in time to go to trish's this week - but i only did that so i could fill trish in on what was going on!  *laugh*  

i met my friend kris for dinner monday night & my friend shelley for dinner last night & was supposed to meet trish for dinner tonight, but i sorta made more plans than the budget would allow!  d'oh!  i sorta got used to having unlimited funds for a time there, which was a super big blessing & i'm grateful for it!  but the funds were not actually unlimited, of course, and so now i need to reign back in for a few months!  heh.  it's HARD!  

today was very nice.  mr c & i were rounding the same corner from opposite directions this morning & almost took each other out.  *laugh*  (phrasing... i would LIKE him to take me out, but like, on a date.  LOL)  now, i had JUST been thinking that i hadn't seen him in awhile & i hope he was doing okay & whatnot.  then last night shelley was trying to get me to be more forward w/ him (that's just not me!  ugh!) but i was thinking, "no, really, that ship has sailed.  i thought at one point he might be interested, but now i think i was mistaken.  he's just super polite & friendly even if he's shy.  kinda like me."  and then today *poof* there he is!  

God, what're you doin' to me?!  

and THEN!

so, we have this class that everyone has to take, and they'd scheduled me to take it on Halloween, which of course is not happening because i take Halloween off every year in honor of Daddy.  my bosses said i could talk to the schedulers & get my time changed to friday's class.  so i did, but then they weren't able to send me the meeting notice.  so i checked & noticed that mr c wasn't in the thursday class.

i IM'd him to see if he was in the friday class (he is) and if he would forward me the meeting notice so i could put it on my calendar (he did) and then we just did our normal (seemingly quarterly) IM chat about randomness.  he just makes me smile, and i think i make him smile, but of course not quite the same way, and i wish i did, but if wishes were horses i'd have a stable.  so ... 

shelley has horses.  *laugh*  just thought i'd share.

so!!  it was a SUPER NICE morning, and then i decided to take off at noon.  well, actually, i'd decided i was taking off at noon when i got in this morning.  : )  

reading: Come Away With Me (again)
Fight With Me should be in my mailbox today... : ) 
drinking: coffee
mood: chill


Thursday, October 17, 2013

a day like today

after being sick this week, today was quite a blessing.  i felt more like ME.  started the day w/ an odd combination for breakfast - i opted to laze about in bed for 10 minutes rather than worrying about fixing something, so i just grabbed a couple bites of donut, a piece of sushi that wouldn't quite fit in my container i was packing to bring to work for a snack, a couple pulls of OJ, and of course a cup of coffee.  then i got more coffee from the bux on my way to work, and ate some grapefruit when i got to work.  (a couple ppl found it gross, but it worked for me in a pinch!)

it was a bit of a disjointed day at work.  i accomplished quite a lot, and "met" my new timecard tech guru, who is replacing the gentleman who recently passed away.  we had a nice chat, and i am hopeful that he'll get the hang of things fairly quickly.  he's a good guy, from what i know of him!  i had a couple meetings - one w/ my supervisor & one w/ the co-lead of a new committee i'm on.  i find myself on a lot of enrichment committees lately... i likey!  ;)  it's super fun to be part of making the office lighter, helping employees & management be more engaged, and hopefully supporting favor in the company!  my POV is that if ppl are happy where they work, they will put forth their best effort for their area, which in turn helps the company... ya know?  : )  

got to have happy joe's for lunch w/ a few friends - that place was PACKED today because it was "bring your kid to lunch day" or something like that!  this meant we had to wait a little bit for pizzas when we got there, but also that there were LOTS of yummy pizza choices on the buffet, and FRESH!  i call that a win... 

in book news, i have been reading Judi Fennell's Mer series.  finished book 2, Wild Blue Under & next is the final one, Catch of a Lifetime.  after that will be a re-read of something, but i haven't decided what yet.  i have been wanting to re-read Take Care, Sara, but it seriously is SO emotional, i'm not sure i'm ready yet.  and it deals w/ some things that - this month - i don't think i want to read.  so, it WILL be re-read, because lincoln & sara are calling to me, but i don't think it will be this month.  my most recent amazon order of 7 books should arrive sometime next week, and then i will be devouring those!  *laugh*  i do need to exercise a little patience, as my aunt vickie says, because they're still in 'ordered' status & haven't shipped yet, and i just want them to SHIIIIIP!  :D  heh.  oh, and i went ahead & pre-ordered Remy & Raw, because Remy's price dropped like $2 & it releases right before thanksgiving & ... yeah.  :)  

what else?  so happy tomorrow is friday & i'm ready for the weekend!!  this week has been exhausting, of course!  not feeling well will drain it right outta ya, ya know?  

did you know Pandora has a ballet music station?  LOVE IT!  i'll stick to my shinedown, 5fdp, metallica, nickleback, stone sour, sick puppies, etc. for work, but right now i am sooooo enjoying this classical music!!  

well, i guess that is what i wanted to share about a day like today.  :)  now i'm off to ZZZZ land!  have a blessed evening & FRIDAY!  


Monday, October 14, 2013

of being sick and booky things

(this first part is about my period.  you can skip it if  you want.  the rest of the post will be in blue.  :) ) 
so - my body was on this schedule for quite a long time, and it was very helpful to me.  i could plan out my bad days, and while they didn't always happen on a weekend, for a bit it just so happened that they were.  while i missed hanging out w/ family & whatnot, having the bad days on the weekend was just better for everyone.  i didn't miss work, i didn't feel behind, etc., etc.  

then, all of a sudden a couple months ago, the bad days came earlier.  i was like, huh, okay.  then, this month, it's like even 3 days earlier than that.  and while i can tell when it's coming & knew it would probably be today/tomorrow, i was still kinda hoping that it would just hold off til the weekend.  i even got up & dressed & 1/2 way to work this morning!  i was in total denial.  but then i remembered last month & how i got all the way to work & even went IN & then had to turn right back around & come home, and i wised up & called in on my way back home.  ugh.  and it's looking like this was only "mildly bad day" and tomorrow might see me home again.  UGH.  

however, as i've pointed out before, this - while super annoying and inconvenient - is still WAY BETTER than it was before, and as i am pretty sure the only ways to actually stop it are pregnancy (ha!), menopause (erm... probably still too early) or adjusting my meds (mehh... i don't really want to go through find out that it gets WORSE again w/ the changing of the meds)... i just will continue to suck it up & occasionally complain about it in a hopefully mild fashion.  


okay, if you were skipping that top part, you can come back now.  

so, since i was home today, not really moving much, i read quite a bit.  i finished The Cursed by Alyssa Day (totally sounds dark, but it was actually a light, fun, and fabulous read!!); read Colleen Hoover's Finding Cinderella, which was a FREE e-book she wrote & published specifically as a "thank-you" to her fans.  i'd never read anything by her, but all of her books look really good - just super angsty, and i'm not always sure about angsty books.  however, after reading this one, which i LOVED, i'll be adding Hopeless and Losing Hope to my next round of book-buying.  after that, i had a difficult time picking my next book.  i finally perfected my next group of amazon books, and hit "checkout" and so of course then i wanted them all to magically appear on my doorstep so i could start reading THOSE.  *laugh*  knowing that wasn't going to happen, i perused my library for my next read.  

i'd been wanting to read Julie Anne Long's first Pennyroyal Green book for awhile, so i started The Perils of Pleasure.  *sigh*  i just couldn't get into it & ended up skipping around in it til i finally gave in & read the end.  now, i LOVED the first JAL PG book that i read this summer - It Happened One Midnight.  it was fabulous & i got right into it from page 1 & didn't even want to put it down, even tho i was in omaha visiting joy & her family & so had lots of plans w/ them!  JAL is a really great writer!!  but this book, it just didn't do it for me.  i'm glad i read IHOM first, because otherwise i'm not sure i would have given the other books a chance.  the problem for me was that for nearly all of the book, our hero thinks himself in love w/ someone else.  and that kind of thing annoys me.  it distracts me from being able to really connect w/ the story of the H/h who are supposed to be falling in love w/ each other, ya know?  there are times when a "triangle" isn't really a triangle, like in Take Care, Sara or SSS - there's a "third" person, but you know that third person isn't really a threat for some reason or another.  idk how to explain it!  there's a story (2 books) by Abbi Glines that intrigued me (The Vincent Boys/The Vincent Brothers), and i have the first one, but i haven't read it yet because of the whole triangle, angle.  *laugh*  ugh.  idk!!!  idk why they even intrigued me at the time and now the synopsis annoys me.  idk again!

anyway!  so, while i wait for my shipment of MMA/fighter & With Me in Seattle series books, i've decided to shoot back over to my paranormal section & read In Over Her Head by Judi Fennell.  judi wrote some really cute & fun genie books that i like, and while i've never been a fan of merpeople, this series looks good.  and, to be fair, i haven't seen a lot of merpeople stories, so i guess we'll find out if i'm a fan or not!  i am a fan of judi's, regardless!!  : )  

and thus concludes the booky portion of my post.

and with that, sleep!  or something.  


Saturday, October 12, 2013

3 book saturday

i finished Safe and Sound (HEART WRENCHING and then heart warming and then awesome sauce!), read Stygian's Honor (typical Lora Leigh Breed story - sweet & super alpha male & interesting storyline & too much repetitive sex, highly enjoyable story), and then needed Cam so now i'm re-reading Wait For You.  : )  

it's so funny how i get into moods where i want to re-read things.  i mean, i always have times where there is A character or book calling to me (Wren, Acheron, Nykyrian and Lucian from Unleash The Night, Acheron, Born of Night and Bite Me If You Can)(3/4 of those are sherri's!  LOL).  rarely has it happened so soon after reading a story for the first time, however, and lately it's happening all. The. Time.  David from Lick.  Jake from Battlescars.  Remy from Real.  Cam from Wait For You.  Lincoln & Sara have been calling, as well, and were going to be my next read after Safe and Sound, but then i read a snippet of Trust In Me (which is WFY in Cam's POV) & idk when i'll get to read that (it comes out digitally soonish, but idk if it will be in paperback...) and i needed some cam time.  LOL  

i know it all sounds insane sometimes, if you're not a reader reader.  but i guess we all have our quirks, and i quite like mine!  :D  

got to hang out w/ leyton a bit tonight, which was nice!  he's getting really annoyed by his post-surgery restrictions.  he's such a boy!  (shut up, i know it's a sexist remark.  i don't care.  you should know by now that i'm sexist sometimes and perfectly okay w/ that, too.)  

i was going to watch SHIELD today, but read instead.  maybe tomorrow... 

i was ready to go to bed at 8:30, but i'm forcing myself to stay up til at least 10.  *sigh*  

ummm... *laugh*  

there was something else... idk what it was... bother.  ah well.  ttfn!!  : )   

Friday, October 11, 2013

wish(list)ing and wonder(land)ing

this week felt especially long.  there was a lot going on at work - i'm getting a new supervisor (who hasn't been hired yet) & moving to a new team.  i'll still have the same manager (which is good cuz she's AWESOME) but i'll miss my current supervisor (cuz she's also AWESOME).  but, i'm confident in the Lord's blessings, and in His guiding hand with my manager choosing the right person.  i'm not entirely sure who made the decision that my job aligns more w/ the new group than my current group, but i'll give it a shot!  *laugh*  on the one hand, i hope i don't have to move desks, because i really like my spot by the windows.  however, if i moved to the other side, there's a window back there... and also mr crushtastic sits back there... LOL

i've been quickly running through my vacation this year, and planned to work all this week.  but yesterday i took 3 hours off.  : ) i have halloween & two days for my birthday scheduled off, and after that i'll only have 3 days left to last me through May.  d'oh!  i'll have to do some planning for the 5 months of the new year... *laugh*  the good thing is that i like to take vacation in 2-3 hour increments if i don't have plans necessitating a full day (which at the moment i do not), so 24 hours could be okay for 5 months... heh.  i'll have to see how many weeks that is & work out the vacation time.  i can't plan all of it - there are days i just need time, ya know?!  

this week was also customer service week, which translated to lots of treats for us by management.  there was a day of cheese & crackers & fruit; a day of cake; a day of treats homemade by the management group.  that was today.  someone made brownies w/ chocolate chips.  omh!  delish!  they really did a great job of showing their appreciation.  :)  

in book news, i was feeling the re-read.  jake & aubrey from battlescars and remy & brooke from Real were calling to me after my amanda ashley, Immortal Sins (which was really enjoyable!).  re-reads are an interesting thing for sure!  some of the things that didn't bother me the first time in battlescars bothered me, which i was mostly able to ignore the typos that bothered me the first time.  *laugh*  and i was able to safely skip the over abundance of sex in Real this time around.  and in doing that, i realized there were really only two scenes (i think) that i skipped because they went on for flippin ever and honestly, WE GET IT!  oye.  *laugh*  there really is a balance when writing sex scenes.  but i felt like i knew remy better this time around, and was able to not be as annoyed w/ brooke... and i am REALLY looking forward to MINE, which is the 2nd book & comes out in november.  actually, i believe REMY also comes out in november.  yay!

after finishing Real, i decided i needed a little break, so i watched the first two eps of this season of Glee, and the premiere episode of OUAT in Wonderland - looks like it is going to be really good!  and cute boys!  : )  and Glee... oh, i remember why i love this show!!  :D  i couldn't watch this week's yet, which is the tribute ep to Finn/Cory Monteith... *sigh*  poor cory... 

next book is lindy's Safe and Sound.  it looks like it could be emotionally draining... 

ummm... idk what else!  tired!  i'm going to start the book & then hit the hay.  my plans for the weekend are to pretty much stay in & read.  : )  and continue wishlisting... i have 8 books in my amazon cart, but some of them are pre-orders.  i figure i might as well pre-order them as part of my current order to take advantage of the free shipping.  woot!  i need to make a schedule of what's releasing when so i know when to look out for the mail!  of course, amazon emails me when stuff ships... 

anywhoo!  : )  i have so many authors on my fb now, and i've been wishlisting so many books... i think i have 5 or 6 pages now.  *laugh*  plus i keep entering contests to win autographed books.  haven't been picked yet, but i keep entering!  : )  i did win a $25 gift card at work the other day.  they're mailing it to me.  books & coffee, hooray!  

what're ya'll up to this weekend??


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

pretty good day.  coffee.  fall weather.  5fdp.  90's music.  leftover breakfast pizza from yesterday's celebration.

and i got to hang out w/ leyton!  : )  
he ate crackers & snuggled a bit w/ me.
and also didn't feel like wearing a shirt.
nice spidey tat, right?  ; )  

i finished Immortal Sins by Amanda Ashley - really different story in that there are ppl trapped in a painting for part of the book!  eep!  i enjoyed it a lot, altho it didn't have as much dialogue/interaction between hero & heroine as i like to see.  still, i liked it!

next is a Battlescars re-read.  despite the typo issue, jake is calling to me, and how can i resist?
my plan is:
Safe and Sound by Lindy Zart
re-read of Lindy's Take Care, Sara

safe and sound seems like it might be an emotional wringer, so there might be a recovery book in between there.  

tomorrow we're having cheese & fruit & crackers & such as part of customer service week.
if you know me at all, you know that i am TOTALLY stoked about the cheese!  : )  

what else?  idk!  it's 10:30 & i should be getting to bed soon.
will i start battlescars before i sleep?  
possibly... ; )  

perhaps i'll dream of this:

; ) 


Sunday, October 6, 2013


i really enjoyed Beautiful Disaster, and was looking forward to reading Walking Disaster, which is the same story but in travis's POV.  i finished it today & it was MARVELOUS!  and also, now i know why i waited to read BD - so i wouldn't have a long wait for reading WD!  *laugh*  and the epilogue of WD - PERFECT!  sometimes w/ epilogues, it doesn't really feel like anything more than another chapter.  this one, however, was written brilliantly & i give major kudos to jamie for the choice of how she did it!  

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3  : )  

so!  my weekend was pretty much being holed up in the house reading, w/ occasional jaunts out for coffee.  heh.  very nice!  

next book is rebecca york's Bad Nights, which is so far good.  pretty good pacing & of course great writing!  idk that i like the story so much, but i think that is more because i've been away from my spy books for too long.  (RY had a couple FABOO spy series for harlequin many moons ago - 43 Light St & The Perrigrine Connection that i just loved and they are all re-reads many times over!)

tonight is TV w/ Trish night & i'll be heading over there in an hour or so to have chili for dinner & watch OUAT & Revenge.  love love!  

oh!  and today finally felt like AUTUMN weather out!  i am actually wearing sweats!  and socks!  i haven't worn socks at home in months!  : )  

friday night i went over to mom's to catch up on Castle, S.H.I.E.L.D & Undercover Boss.  fun fun!  friday was also when grammy ended up in the ER because she was slurring & stuff, and they thought she'd had a stroke or infection, but she got a clean bill of health, so they said it was just age related.  she's 98, will be 99 on november 8th.  so... i guess she's earned any age related issues, right?  and i know she's ready to go Home w/ the Lord, but for awhile there i thought she was going to stick around & be fully mentally there to 110!  it's going to be hard whenever she goes Home, but i know she would rather be there than here if her mental faculties are fading.  no one wants to be trapped in their own mind, right?  

anywhoo.  *hugs*  that's the news i have for you today.  oh, and leyton is recovering well from his hernia surgery.  : )  so hooray for that!


Friday, October 4, 2013


i took wednesday afternoon off & figured that would be it for my week, but as i was in a meeting this morning, i got a case of the "fridays" & asked if i could take off this afternoon as well.  :)  

the meeting went really well.  i think we got some good things figured out to at least start getting some things going.  that would be amaaaazing if it works!!  : )  i also had some warm fuzzy emails from both my bosses as they complimented me on the way i handled a timecard situation.  GOD IS GOOD!!!  i pray for wisdom & knowledge at work, to be able to help ppl w/ stuff, and He delivers!  it is ALL HIM.  so blessed!  : )  

after work, i went to the target to get a salad & Walking Disaster & a starbucks.  : )  cute bakery guy made the coffee, so that was a bonus!  heh.  i'm still reading Tall, Tatted and Tempting and SSS before i start Walking Disaster.  last night i took a chance on a free e-book & oh my heck what a waste of two hours of my life.  ugh!  it was awful.  i skipped like the whole middle, and it was like i hadn't missed anything in the story at all.  meh.  anyway.  i have another free e-book on here that i'll give a shot, and i do still have the mackenzie christmas on here as well, but i don't see it becoming a thing.  even the mackenzie book, which i am really enjoying, i'm not enjoying as much as if it were in book format.  meh.  anyway!!!  *laugh*  

oh, wednesday... Beautiful Disaster was AMAZING!  idk why i waited so long to read it.  i'm hoping Walking Disaster is as good - i am really looking forward to travis's POV.  i wish both had been in one book, tho.  i LOVE the alternating first person POV (which is in TTT, SSS, The Edge of Never, and quite a few other books i've read recently)!!  it's quickly become my favorite way to tell a story.  so, i was feeling better & then i met erin for dinner & that was fun!  we went to arthur's deli (YUM) and she told me some GH & boyfriend stories & i did a lot of listening.  Doc was in the house!  *laugh*  i really did come by that nickname honestly... and it was a nice visit, but it did make me a little sad, too.  *shrug*  lots of reasons, and i know i'm pretty open here - probably sharing more things that y'all want to know sometimes! - but for right now anyway, this one's staying with me.  


i hope you're all having a fabulous friday!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


so, today's a weird day.  i was feeling snarky & meh & sad & idk what today, but my head wasn't really in the game, so i decided to take some vacation for the afternoon.  i got groceries at the target & a coffee & i am feeling better now that i'm sitting home ready to curl into my book for a few hours.  i have dinner plans w/ erin, too.  yay!  hopefully this little bit of "me time" will get rid of the snark beast completely... oye.  

i was going to read a hannah howell highlander, but i wasn't really feeling in the mood for it, and i hadn't started it yet, and i didn't want to do it an injustice by reading it in my snarky state.  so, i picked up Beautiful Disaster while i was at the target & i'll read that.  it seems like it might be able to kick the snark out.  we'll see!

just thought i'd share.  *laugh*  i also might be hungry, so perhaps some turkey sticks & cheese will help.  along w/ the coffee.  ; )