Wednesday, September 11, 2013

unexpectedly adding to my signed books collection

felt better today than yesterday.  voice is still froggy & coughs & sneezes are still there.  but i think they're reducing even more, so hooray for that!  i really enjoyed If He's Wicked, and wanted to read at lunch, but we had a team lunch.  which was fun & yummy (subway)(& just the slightest bit awkward).  but all day, i kept thinking about my book, because i knew i wasn't going to get to read until i got home.  some stories - even when i love them - i can push to the back of my mind while i'm at work, even if i know i have lunch or dinner plans & won't get to read for awhile.  but this one... it stuck to my ribs, man!!  (and i did finish it tonight.  love love love hannah howell!!)  

(next is Real by katy evans - will be my first fighter novel, but there are several on my wishlist at the amazon!)

today was books in the mail day.  i simply ADORE books in the mail day!!  : ) natch!

Safe and Sound by lindy zart waited for me btwn my screen door & front door.  then, before i went to mom's for BB, i picked up my mail & had a box from the amazon.  (the website, not the jungle.  LOL)  i didn't open it right away (i mean, i know what books i bought.  um.  no, really, i totally don't usually know which books are coming when, even when i am tracking them!).  

watched BB (such highs!  such lows!!) & then when i got home i ripped into my box of joy.  i discovered that one of my books was, unexpectedly, a signed first edition!  

well.  shoot!  i love when things like that happen!  : )  

so!  oh!  also, in more book related news, i think i found the series of rock star books that i was looking for w/o knowing what i was looking for.  The Beaumont Series by heidi mclaughiln.  thanks to maryse for that!

and now i must go start Real before i hit the hay.  that means NO MORE WISH LISTING tonight!  yeesh!  *laugh*


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