Tuesday, September 24, 2013

taco tuesday

altho, i had chicken enchiladas ... : ) 

today was pretty good.  work was kinda slow.  not that there wasn't a lot to do, just that i couldn't seem to FOCUS on what i was doing.  mostly cuz i was pulling together metrics, and while i love love love my spreadsheets, metrics makes me want to take a nap.  but, it's a necessary evil, so ... and there was coffee... 

met a couple friends for lunch.  every time the three of us get together, i just marvel at the fact that we're friends.  i have a few groups of friends like that.  like, some friends just CLICK and there's no surprise to me that we're friends.  even when we don't agree on things, our brains "click" together & we can see where the other person is coming from.  sometimes this happens w/ friends of a similar age, but the truly surprising ones for me are the friends who are decades older or younger than i am.  we are in different phases of our lives, but we share such similar thought patterns that there's no questioning our friendship.  well, i guess this shouldn't be as surprising as it is to me - i'm in a phase of life that seems entirely unique.  i am, quite literally, in a stage by myself.  (oh, wait, i DO have one friend who is both single and not a mother, and so in that we are in the same "stage.")  my friends are married, mothers/fathers, grandmothers/fathers.  if not married, they are dating, or have seriously dated in the past.  i'm not any of that.  it would be nice to be courted, and i do miss cuddling and make out sessions and all that romantic business, but i'm pretty sure at this point it will take an act of God for any of that to be happening.  *laugh*  i bounce back & forth btwn being okay w/ that and being annoyed.

erm.  tangent much?  anyway!  my point is that no matter our differences, i'm very grateful for those who have chosen ME as a friend.  i hope i bless their lives, at least a little, because each & every one of them (YOU!) bless mine!  and also that the chicken enchiladas were delicious.  : )  

after work, i hit up the book rack & found some new reads.  woot!  they were like, "hey, where have you been?!"  and i was all, "so sorry, i've been cheating on you with amazon..."  heh.  they were nice about it, tho.  ; )  then i went to target for a salad & starbucks.  and something else, but as i was wandering through the aisles, i couldn't think of what else it was i wanted to get... i stopped at WM for petrol & such & then headed home to change into shorts.  the weather is being silly - hot/cold.  bring on autumn for a bit so i can get to wearing long sleeves comfortably for a month or two!!  

i went to mom's to watch last night's Castle (OMH, SO GOOD!!!) & had the unexpected surprise of leyton (and phil) time!!!  *superhappybounce*  leyton gave me a HUUUUUGE hug when i walked in.  *beam*  then he proceeded to eat 1/2 my BLT wrap & some of my salad while phil made him mac & cheese for dinner.  *laugh*  good thing i like to share!!  also, he smashed ice cream all over his face just for me!  (well, okay, he did it on accident at first, then i took a picture, then he got goofy w/ it, then phil helped him clean up.  *laugh*)

my poor lil guy has to have hernia surgery next week.  :(  please keep him in prayer!!  it's an outpatient procedure & he should only be out of school for like 3 days, and then on "light activity" (i.e., no gym class) for 6 weeks.  

when i got home, i finished A Bite To Remember & decided on Jennifer Armintrout's American Vampire as my next read.  it looks good... then i proceeded to add some books to my amazon wishlist...  oh!  AND!  my books finally have shipped & i should have about 6 of them by friday.  *happy dance*

and now it's 10:30 & i haven't actually started American Vampire & i would like to before i go to bed, but i'd also like to get to bed by 11, so... hmmm.  idk.  

anyway!  i hope your tuesday has been happy!  : )  ttfn! 

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