Sunday, September 29, 2013

sunday nights are back!

i *heart* sunday night TV!  Once Upon A Time & Revenge - SO GOOD!  plus, i get to hang out w/ trish (& al)!  today was al's birthday, and apparently someone decided to decorate his truck while he was at work - and then they locked his keys in the truck!  whoops!  *grin*  so, trish & i had to run out to the plant to unlock the doors.  heh.  always an adventure!!  : )  

before that, my day was spent finishing Come Away With Me (again w/ the too much sex, but AWESOME story & i will be getting the rest of the series!), reading some of A Mackenzie Christmas (til my battery was zonking out & i had to charge) & then starting Afflicted.  i was gonna read Battlescars again first, but decided to just dive right in to Blake & Piper's story instead.  i'll maybe do a re-read when i get book 3 (Conflicted).  :)  

ummm....!  that's really all i have for today!  *laugh*  God is good, all the time!  now i'm off to read some before bed.  can you believe we're going into OCTOBER this week??  this year i'm actually liking halloween stuff again... idk if it will last the whole season, but i'm praising the Lord for it right now.  


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