Monday, September 2, 2013


i was going to call it "Styxx - A Review" but i don't really DO reviews, so i'll just tell you a story.  :)  

i don't remember what time i started the book, because i finished The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo first.  then i made some bacon for an early lunch, then i dug right in.  Acheron was hard for me, empathically, and Styxx was even more so.  i didn't realize ... i was never one of those who "hated" styxx's character.  i tend to think everyone has a story & (other than Apollo) there have to be some redeeming qualities they possess.  sherri's brilliant enough that, should she choose to, i'm sure she could have me sympathizing even w/ apollo, tho... but i never imagined exactly how much more tortured styxx could be than ash.  oye.  i feel a bit wrung out!

yes, i read an 846 page book in one day.  however, i did skip a couple hundred pages - or skim, rather.  much like w/ Acheron, and more recently w/ a different universe of sherri's, Born of Silence, there is a lot of agony & pain & harshness to this story.  the beginning is almost 100% SAD.  i know when i go back to read it again, i'll pick up on things - like i did w/ Acheron.  but right now, my empathic self just couldn't handle reading some of the stuff.  really, even that is a testament to how amazing the story is, that it made me bond w/ styxx so much, made me so emotional i just couldn't handle any more pain for him at one point.  i had to get to the happy part - and then i was able to get through the next sad part!  

and the end - oh my heck, i did NOT see some of that stuff coming!  totally fresh perspectives.  

so, this book made me cry, it made me laugh - out loud, more than a few times, it ripped my heart out & i just got it back into place.  *laugh*  i enjoyed it.  that is the brilliant part.   

*sigh*  and now it's 2 AM & i should go to bed.  not that i have to get up in the morning... : ) 

what'd you get up to for labor day?  


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