Saturday, September 7, 2013

stages of a cold

my colds (all colds?) follow a certain pattern.  
in the beginning, it's a scratchy, sore throat & watery eyes.  i feel not quite right, but not poorly.
next, the stuffy/runny nose starts.  i still don't understand how a nose can be both stuffy AND runny.  wouldn't you think if it's runny it would be easy to clear out?  (gross, sorry.)
then, there's the coughing.  as observed on thursday, sometimes this can get so bad that others fear for my safety & think i must feel just awful & send me home.
normally on these days, i feel perfectly fine, except when i cough, which does hurt.
after the coughing has died down - still there, but not every time i think about talking or laughing, at least - that is when i truly start to feel drained and also usually when my taste buds desert me for a couple days.

i think the dormant taste buds may be the worst part of the cold.  
i do not enjoy being a stuffy headed ninny muggins by any means, but at least in my misery i know that a luscious drink of OJ or piece of chocolate (NOT TOGETHER) will make me feel briefly better.
when i can't taste anything (but i can breathe, at least!) it's very disconcerting.  
i'm hungry for some chocolate.  however, i won't be able to taste it, so why waste the calories/carbs.  but then i think, what if i CAN taste just this bite?  
alas, i cannot.

then, i think about the ppl who suddenly lost their sense of taste for good.
please, Lord, let my sense of taste come back!  how long does this normally last?  was it two days or three last time?  oh, i can't remember!  when do i start to panic?!!

yeah.  it's not a pleasant time when my taste buds go on vacation.

and today, i am feeling drained and like i just want to be curled up on the couch (which i am, currently) and i don't want to get dressed and i don't want to leave the house.  and i still have this barking cough, tho again, not every time i talk, just every once in awhile i get this tickle & i have to cough & it lasts 30 seconds & sounds like a seal.
not a sexy navy SEAL.  

but i can't stay home, because my cousin sammy is getting married & i am going to her reception!  at least, that's the plan right now

hope you're having a crud-free saturday!!


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