Friday, September 27, 2013

so excited!! : )

my books were waiting for me at my doorstep when i got home!!!!

suuuuper excited to read each of these.  
i feel like i've been waiting forever!  
dramatic much?

as soon as i finish How To Marry A Marquis (which, btw, is super funny & cute so far!), i'll be digging into One Lucky Vampire, and then it's a toss up btwn Always My Love or Afflicted... and then idk...!  

happy carrie.

oh, yeah, today was a pretty good day.  1/2 an hour meeting turned into 2 hours, but it was a good meeting & lots of things got cleared up & stuff, so yay that!  the cafeteria had grilled pineapple for the burger bar, and i made my own "red robin banzai burger" - the only thing it was missing was teryaki! 

oh, oh, AND johnna posted this super cute picture of the boys from last week's bonfire.

: ) 


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