Friday, September 13, 2013

skinny jeans

- this post has nothing to do w/ skinny jeans.  i'll likely never wear skinny jeans.  that's probably a good thing?

- the plan was to work 6:30 - 11:30, go to lunch w/ some friends, then come home to read & veg.  instead, i worked 7-11 (i woke up on time, then closed my eyes for five minutes & an hour later opened them.  LOL).  we decided to change lunch to next week.  i got quite a lot accomplished in my 4 hours at work, so i was pretty happy w/ it!  

- adolph's for lunch.  oh, adolph's tacos.  yummy!  and that red salsa (which i didn't have any of today) is delish!!

- finished REAL.  intense, intense, in tense!  and, um, lots of sex.  perhaps just a smidge too much sex?  i mean, i get it.  they are attracted to each other and they have sex.  A LOT.  so, that's fabulous, but i don't need a play by play EVERY TIME THEY HAVE THE SEX!  *laugh*  but, getting past that, their emotional connection was quite epic.  katy did a great job of writing that.  so.  rah.  and, i am still eagerly awaiting the sequels, MINE and REMY ... and i think there are two more?  idk, i tried to look on goodreads & there was a malware warning (hooray for computer security!) so i'll have to look later.  

Real (Real, Raw & Ripped, #1)Real by Katy Evans
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

this story so emotionally wrecked me, i might need two recovery books. : ) so worth it!

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- decided Born of Night would be my recovery book.  it's intense & emotional, as well, but it's familiar.  : ) 

- met kris for dinner at hickory garden.  gyro breakfast, yummy!  we talked about maybe going to vegas over shutdown.  that would be awesome!  it'd be fun to go w/ a friend rather than by myself, ya know?!  even tho i love traveling by myself, vegas just seems like one of those places that is more fun to experience w/ other ppl.  *laugh*

- chai latte from the panera after dinner.  cuz i was gonna get coffee, but i'd had 3 diet pepsi's at dinner & thought maybe tea would be a better option.  : )  

- ummm...  i got distracted just now by jill on fb & then the goodreads thing, so idk what else i was going to write about today!  *laugh*  anyway, happy happy happy it's the weekend!  


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